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  1. Hamas Source: Biden Administration Will Likely Open Dialogue ...

    A key to Hamas’ agreement to run in upcoming elections in the Palestinian Authority (PA) is the understanding that the Biden administration will likely open dialogue with Hamas as part of the PA ...

  2. Leading human rights group calls Israel an 'apartheid' state

    Palestinian leaders agreed to the current territorial divisions in the Oslo accords in the 1990s, and the Palestinian Authority is recognized as a state by dozens of nations. That, Kontorovich says, is a far cry from the territories designated for Black South Africans under apartheid — known as bantustans — to which many Palestinians ...

  3. Palestinian Christians - Wikipedia

    The former Palestinian representative to the United States, Afif Saffieh, is a Christian, as is the ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in France, Hind Khoury. The Palestinian women's soccer team has a majority of Muslim girls, but the captain, Honey Thaljieh, is a Christian from Bethlehem.

  4. Abbas is Exploiting Palestinian Reconciliation and Unity ...

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  5. Palestine starts technical meetings over preparations for polls

    The last legislative elections were held in the Palestinian territories in January 2006, when Hamas won an overwhelming majority in the chamber.

  6. Who are the Palestinians? (with pictures)

    The Palestinian National Authority, which was established during the Oslo Accords, is responsible for governance in the occupied territories, and functions much as a state government. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) represents the Palestinians before various world bodies.

  7. Discover the Networks | Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

    “Now, one might counter: ‘Yes, Palestinians who live inside Israel have all these rights, but what about the Palestinians who live in what are known as the occupied territories? Aren’t they treated differently?’ Yes, of course they are—they are not citizens of Israel. They are governed by either the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) or by Hamas. The control Israel has over these people’s lives is largely manifested when they want to enter Israel.

  8. United Against Nuclear Iran | UANI

    The Iran nuclear deal is done. And the world’s biggest companies have already visited Tehran ready to strike a deal when sanctions end. These businesses will add even more to Iran’s bottom line. And that means continued development of nuclear technologies and more cash for Hamas and Hezbollah. Sign Up

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