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  1. Fatah–Hamas conflict - Wikipedia › wiki › Fatah–Hamas_conflict

    The Fatah–Hamas conflict (Arabic: النزاع بين فتح وحماس ‎ an-Nizāʿ bayna Fataḥ wa-Ḥamās), also referred to as the Palestinian Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية الفلسطينية ‎ al-Ḥarb al-ʾAhliyyah al-Filisṭīnīyyah), was a conflict between the two main Palestinian political parties, Fatah and Hamas, resulting in the split of the Palestinian ...

    • 25 January 2006 – present, (main phase in 2007)
    • Reconciliation process:, Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, New Palestinian Government in the West Bank, appointed by Mahmoud Abbas, Reconciliation agreement signed May 2011, Doha agreement signed 2012, Renewed political crisis in March–April 2012, Strong increase of tensions in 2013, Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation deal in April 2014, Unity government sworn in in June 2014, Implementation of unity government control in Gaza due date
  2. Palestinian Authority vs Hamas: What is the difference ... › Israel-News › Palestinian-Authority

    Dec 30, 2019 · Palestinian Authority vs Hamas: What is the difference? - Analysis This week Abbas ruled out calling another Palestinian parliamentary election if Israel bars Palestinians in east Jerusalem from ...

  3. Chapter 17 International Conflict Resolution and Avoidance › documents › organization

    The Palestinian Authority must develop its capacity to govern, with institutions that serve the needs of its people. Hamas does have support among some Palestinians, but they also have to recognize they have responsibilities. To play a role in fulfilling Palestinian aspirations, to unify the Palestinian people, Hamas must put

  4. Hamas members see 'false unity' with Palestinian Authority ... › originals › 2020

    Sep 22, 2020 · Palestinian reconciliation. September 22, 2020. Despite the meetings and steps undertaken by Hamas’ and Fatah’s leaders to present a united front following Israel's normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, Hamas’ middle leadership level and popular organizational bases do not place great trust in what they called “false unity,” arguing that Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have shown a lack of credibility when it comes to reconciliation with ...

  5. Hamas Leader Sends 'Final Warning' to Israel Not to Evict ... › hamas-leader-sends-final

    2 days ago · The leader of Hamas on Tuesday warned Israel that it would pay a "heavy price" if it evicts Palestinian families from east Jerusalem. Above, the Star of David and an Israeli flag on top of a house ...

  6. Palestinian National Authority - Wikipedia › wiki › Palestinian_National_Authority

    The Palestinian Authority currently administers some 39% of the West Bank. 61% of the West Bank remains under direct Israeli military and civilian control. East Jerusalem was unilaterally annexed by Israel in 1980, prior to the formation of the PA. Since 2007 Gaza has been governed by the Hamas Government in Gaza .

  7. Hamas and Fatah: How are the two groups different? | Fatah ... › features › 2017/10/12

    Oct 12, 2017 · Hamas and Fatah are the two most dominant parties in the Palestinian political scene. On Thursday, the two movements announced they had reached a deal to end a decade-long rift that brought them ...

  8. Palestinians unify as Arab states ‘normalise’ Israel ... › news › 2020/9/15

    Sep 15, 2020 · Hamas and other Palestinian parties have for years demanded that such a meeting take place, but Abbas always rejected the move, calling on Hamas to honour previous unity pacts first.

  9. Hamas and Fatah: Palestinian brothers at war - Reporters › en › 20190913-reporters-hamas

    Sep 13, 2019 · Fatah, which dominates the Palestinian Authority, remains in charge of the West Bank, while Hamas holds sway over the Gaza Strip. In late 2018, Human Rights Watch published a report entitled "Two...

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