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    According to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, "Hamas is funded by Iran. It claims it is financed by donations, but the donations are nothing like what it receives from Iran. Iran also supplies Hamas with military weaponry. Technologies provided include Fajr-5, M-75, and M-302 rockets, as well as drones.

    • Ambassador Salah Al-Zawawi
  2. Palestinian Authority vs Hamas: What is the difference ... › Israel-News › Palestinian-Authority

    Dec 30, 2019 · Palestinian Authority vs Hamas: What is the difference? - Analysis This week Abbas ruled out calling another Palestinian parliamentary election if Israel bars Palestinians in east Jerusalem from ...

  3. Iran Cheers on Palestinian Fight with Israel and Suggests ... › iran-plan-solve-israeli

    May 11, 2021 · Iran's top authority issued words of support to the Palestinian fighters engaged in a severe escalation with Israel, and its top diplomat laid out a plan to resolve the decades-long conflict ...

    • 59 sec
    • Tom O'Connor
  4. Fatah–Hamas conflict - Wikipedia › wiki › Fatah–Hamas_conflict

    The Fatah–Hamas conflict (Arabic: النزاع بين فتح وحماس ‎ an-Nizāʿ bayna Fataḥ wa-Ḥamās), also referred to as the Palestinian Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية الفلسطينية ‎ al-Ḥarb al-ʾAhliyyah al-Filisṭīnīyyah), was a conflict between the two main Palestinian political parties, Fatah and Hamas, resulting in the split of the Palestinian ...

    • 25 January 2006 – present, (main phase in 2007)
    • Reconciliation process:, Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, New Palestinian Government in the West Bank, appointed by Mahmoud Abbas, Reconciliation agreement signed May 2011, Doha agreement signed 2012, Renewed political crisis in March–April 2012, Strong increase of tensions in 2013, Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation deal in April 2014, Unity government sworn in in June 2014, Implementation of unity government control in Gaza due date
  5. Hamas' attacks on Israel also aimed at Palestinian Authority ... › originals › 2021

    May 12, 2021 · Hamas' attacks on Israel also aimed at Palestinian Authority Rockets are launched toward Israel from Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Hamas movement, on May 12, 2021.

  6. Hamas Calls for Iran-Saudi Unity, Israel Issues Warning to ... › hamas-calls-iran-saudi-unity

    May 11, 2021 · As Hamas and other Palestinian forces go on the offensive amid a sharp escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the group sees positive potential in big changes happening among some of the ...

  7. What is Hamas trying to achieve by fighting Israel ... › arab-israeli-conflict › what-is

    May 11, 2021 · Third, Hamas now appears, at least in the eyes of many Palestinians, as the only Palestinian faction that is willing to stand up against Israel to “defend” Islam’s third-holiest site and ...

  8. Biden faces criticism from Democrats and Republicans over ... › politics › biden-israel-palestine

    May 11, 2021 · Waltz noted that the Biden administration could have used the cash it gave away to leverage the Palestinian Authority to "denounce Hamas" or change school curriculums that paint Israel as "evil."

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