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  1. Palmer Cortlandt is a fictional character on the long-running ABC soap opera All My Children, played by James Mitchell from 1979 to 2010. A major character until 2002, when health issues forced him to reduce his work load, Mitchell continued to appear regularly on the show through May 2007.

    • Backstory
    • Plans For Donna and Attempt with Daisy
    • Troubled Relationship with Natalie
    • Marriage to Opal
    • Relationship with Vanessa
    • Back to Opal and Retirement
    • Relocation and Death

    Born in Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, as Pete Cooney, he wooed Lottie Chandler, fathered her son Ross, and abandoned her. He changed his name to Palmer Cortlandt and made a success of himself. Palmer fell in love with Daisy, the housekeeper's daughter. They had a child together, Nina Cortlandt, and for years, Palmer had his daughter believing that ...

    Shortly after arriving in Pine Valley, Palmer became interested in and married ex-hooker Donna Beck, thinking that he could make her into the worldly woman that he longed to have on his arm. While enjoying a skiing trip to Switzerland Palmer and Donna ran into her ex-husband, Chuck Tyler and his new girlfriend, Melanie. As they were all skiing toge...

    When Palmer was shot by a thug hired by Adam Chandler, he hired nurse Natalie Marlowe to look after him. Palmer and Natalie fell in love and planned to marry, but Palmer's son Ross also had eyes for Natalie. Soon they were having a steamy affair and worried to death that Palmer would find out. As the pressure came down on him, Ross raped Natalie wh...

    Never being quite satisfied with his family members´ choices in the love department, Palmer set out to destroy his naive niece Dixie Cooney's happiness with Tad Martin. Palmer paid Tad's mother Opal Cortlandt to help him break them up, and they succeeded. But Palmer had not planned on falling in love with his partner in crime in the process and wit...

    Palmer became taken by Pine Valley debutante, Vanessa Bennett. They were married at sea while on vacation. Palmer admitted to Erica that he didn't really love Vanessa, but said that having an attractive woman on his arm is never a bad thing. Shortly after their marriage, Vanessa was almost divorced by Palmer when he found out that she was borrowing...

    Palmer's attention then turned back to Opal. When he discovered that Opal had a new admirer, musician Hank Pelham, he was jealous of this new relationship. Using his influence, Palmer got Hank a job touring with a band, thus eliminating the competition since Hank had to leave Pine Valley. Palmer was happy to see his grandson Bobby back in town unti...

    Palmer relocated to Switzerland in March of 2009 after it was revealed Palmer invested with someone who swindled him out of all of his money, leaving him, Pete, and Opal broke. Palmer was unable to be reached when Opal tried to contact him regarding what had happened to their money. Palmer quietly returned to Pine Valley in April of 2010 and he pla...

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  2. He changed his name to Palmer Cortlandt and made a success of himself. Palmer fell in love with Daisy, the housekeeper's daughter. They had a child together, Nina, and for years, Palmer had his daughter believing that her mother had died, while she was in fact very much alive.

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  4. › characters › palmer-cortlandtPalmer Cortlandt - TV Fanatic

    Cortlandt Electronics was an empire that Palmer created himself. He came to town in 1979 with daughter Nina. The budding romance between Nina and Dr. Cliff Warner did not make Palmer happy, so he...

  5. Palmer hailed from Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia and was known there as Pete Cooney. Although he courted Charlotte (Lottie) Chandler, and the two had a son, Ross, 'Pete' left them behind and came to Pine Valley to find his fortune. As Palmer Cortlandt, he fell in love with Daisy, the daughter of his housekeeper and had a daughter, Nina, with her.

  6. › courtlandtpalmerCourtlandt Palmer

    Courtlandt Palmer PALMER, Courtlandt, merchant, born in Stoning-ton, Connecticut, 11 November, 1800; died in New York city, 10 May, 1874. He received a common-school education, and in early boyhood came to New York city, where he entered the hardware business, and soon gained a large fortune.

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