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  1. Red Pandas - Facts, Diet & Habitat Information

    The Red Panda is the state animal in the Indian state of Sikkim. The Red Panda is also the mascot of the Darjeeling international festivals. Red Pandas look quite different to the Giant Pandas, they more resemble the appearance of a racoon or weasel type animal. The Red Panda is also known as the ‘Lesser PandaWah Cat Bear’, or ‘Firefox’.

  2. Giant Panda Bear | Facts, History, Information and Habitat

    The Giant Panda (black-and-white cat-foot) (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), is a mammal classified in the bear family, Ursidae, native to central-western and southwestern China. Giant Pandas are one of the rarest mammals in the world. Pandas are easily recognized by their large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears and across their round body. Giant […]

  3. Life cycle | WWF - Panda

    Birth facts: A newborn panda cub weighs just 90-130 g. A cub is just 1/900th the size of its mother - one of the smallest newborn mammals relative to its mother's size. Pandas are dependent on their mothers for the first few months of their lives and are fully weaned at 8 to 9 months.

  4. 50 Adorable Facts About The Red Pandas You Have To Know ...

    The red panda is a nocturnal animal. Source: Unsplash. The red panda is a nocturnal creature and it’s normally active from dusk to dawn. Most of the day, it will rest in trees to conserve its energy since most of its diet is low in calories.

  5. Panda Facts -

    Interesting Panda Facts: Panda is a symbol of peace in China. During the battles in the past, Chinese would raise a flags with panda if they wanted to call a truce or to stop a battle. Panda is also a symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), international agency that works on the protection of endangered animals. Bamboo represents 99% of ...

  6. Giant Panda Facts - Animals of Asia - WorldAtlas

    Apr 25, 2017 · Giant Panda Facts - Animals of Asia By James Karuga on April 25 2017 in Environment The few members of the endangered Giant Panda living in the wild today are to be found within small, fragmented chunks of mountainous Chinese forests.

  7. Panda Habitat Facts: Lesson for Kids - Video & Lesson ...

    An animal's habitat is the place where it lives and that provides all that the animal needs to survive. The Panda's Habitat The giant panda's habitat is located on the continent of Asia.

  8. What Are the Predators of the Giant Panda? | Animals -

    Oct 19, 2017 · giant panda,panda,bear,mammal,animal,nature,black image by Earl Robbins from The giant panda is a species of bear that lives in Asia. Panda bears are famous for their black and white bodies, which include black eyes and ears with a white face.

  9. 5 Adaptations for the Panda | Animals -

    Oct 19, 2017 · Over the centuries, the giant panda bear developed molars that were smoother and larger than a normal bear's molars. Since the giant panda's diet mainly consists of bamboo, unlike other bears, the giant panda rarely uses its canine teeth, as the giant panda very seldom needs to kill and tear through the flesh of other animals.

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