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  1. Panda diplomacy - Wikipedia

    Panda diplomacy is a term used to describe China's practice of sending giant pandas to other countries as a symbol of diplomatic goodwill. U.S. First Lady Pat Nixon viewing the Beijing Zoo panda exhibit in February 1972

  2. panda - Wiktionary

    Oct 14, 2020 · (now rare without a qualifying word) The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), a small raccoon-like animal of northeast Asia with reddish fur and a long, ringed tail. [from 19th c ...

  3. Ueno Zoo - Wikipedia

    The animals were executed primarily by poisoning, strangulation or by simply placing the animals on starvation diets. A memorial service was held for the animals in September 1943 (while two of the elephants were still starving) and a permanent memorial (built anew in 1975) can be found in the Ueno Zoo.

  4. List of Species | Kung Fu Panda Wiki

    This page alphabetically lists all of the character species that appear in the Kung Fu Panda universe. 1 Alligator/Crocodile 2 Ant 3 Antelope 4 Asian golden cat 5 Baboon 6 Badger 7 Bird 8 Boar 9 Bull 10 Butterfly 11 Bearded Vulture 12 Beetle 13 Cat 14 Chicken 15 Chinese Pangolin 16 Clam 17 Crab 18 Cobra 19 Crane 20 Crow 21 Chow Chow 22 Demon 23 Dog 24 Dolphin 25 Dragon 26 Eagle 27 Elephant 28 ...

  5. Giant Panda | Animals Wiki | Fandom

    A panda skin is worth $180,000 on the black market in Japan, but Chinese poachers tempted to trade in this endangered species (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) face the death penalty if they are caught. Several poachers have been executed and China has shown its further commitment to protecting this much-loved bear by stopping commercial logging within its range and introducing a national conservation ...

  6. Giant Panda | Planet Zoo Wiki | Fandom

    The Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a mid-sized Asian mammal featured in the Standard Edition of Planet Zoo. Population in the Wild: 2,000 The giant panda (or Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a species of bear native to the mountains of Central China. They have black and white fur in a distinctive pattern, with black legs, ears and circles around their eyes. Pandas feed almost exclusively on ...

  7. Giant Panda | National Geographic - Animals

    The giant panda has an insatiable appetite for bamboo. A typical animal eats half the day—a full 12 out of every 24 hours—and relieves itself dozens of times a day.

  8. Panda – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Panda-gigante (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) — endémico da China, com cerca de 1,5 metro de comprimento; Panda-vermelho (Ailurus fulgens) — panda asiático, com cerca de 60 cm de comprimento; Computação. Pandas (software) - Biblioteca da linguagem de programação Python para ciência de dados

  9. Panda Raksasa (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, berarti "Kaki-kucing hitam-putih"; Hanzi sederhana: 大熊猫; Hanzi tradisional: 大熊貓; Pinyin: dà xióng māo; Jyutping: daai6 hung4 maau1, berarti "kucing beruang besar") atau diringkas Panda, adalah seekor mamalia yang biasanya diklasifikasikan ke dalam keluarga beruang, Ursidae, yang merupakan hewan asli Tiongkok Tengah.

  10. Bear - Wikipedia

    Bears are carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae . They are classified as caniforms , or doglike carnivorans. Although only eight species of bears are extant, they are widespread, appearing in a wide variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. Bears are found on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Common ...