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    La Piovra (Italian pronunciation: [la ˈpjɔːvra]; English: The Octopus, referring to the Mafia) is an Italian television drama series about the Mafia. The series was directed by various directors who each worked on different seasons, including Damiano Damiani (first season), Florestano Vancini (second season), Luigi Perelli (from the third to the seventh season and again on the tenth season ...

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    Life and career. Italian composer for film and television, music arranger, conductor Paolo Buonvino is an artisan of music. An experimental, eclectic talent, constantly infusing his classical studies and the ancient musical tradition of the Mediterranean, with fascinations coming from the pop, rock, electronic, and computer music.

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    Deborah Ann Dyer (born 3 August 1967), known by the stage name Skin, is a British singer, songwriter, electronic music DJ, and occasional model.She is best known as the lead vocalist of British rock band Skunk Anansie, a band often grouped as part of the Britrock movement in the UK and gained attention for her powerful, wide-ranging soprano voice and trademark bald look.

  4. Lucio Dalla - Wikipedia › wiki › Lucio_Dalla

    Lucio Dalla OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [ˈluːtʃo ˈdalla]; 4 March 1943 – 1 March 2012) was an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and actor. He also played clarinet and keyboards. Dalla was the composer of " Caruso " (1986), a song dedicated to Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso , and "L'anno che verrà" (1979).

  5. Adriano Celentano - Wikipedia › wiki › Si_è_spento_il_sole

    He has released forty albums, consisting of twenty-nine studio albums, three live albums, and eight compilations.His most popular songs are "La coppia piu' bella del mondo", which sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc; "Azzurro" (1968), written by Paolo Conte; "Svalutation" (1976), and "Prisencolinensinainciusol" (1972), which was written to mimic the way English sounds to ...

    • Vocals, guitar, piano, drums
    • Milan, Italy
  6. Bläckfisken – Wikipedia › wiki › La_Piovra

    Bläckfisken, eller La Piovra som den heter på italienska, handlar om polisens kamp mot maffian i Italien. Titeln Bläckfisken syftar på den organiserade brottslighetens sätt att likt en bläckfisk gripa tag i människor och samhällets olika delar och att om man huggar av en arm så växer en ny ut.

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    Ian Arber composed additional music for the second season. On December 20, 2019 the full soundtrack I Medici (Music from the Original TV Series) was released by Sugar Music with a total of 47 tracks composed by Paolo Buonvino.

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    2 days ago · Valeria Golino (Greek: Βαλέρια Γκολίνο, born 22 October 1965) is an Italian actress and director. She is best known to English-language audiences for her roles in Rain Man, Big Top Pee-wee and the two Hot Shots! films.

  9. Ennio Morricone - Wikipedia › wiki › Ennio_Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Moricone u središtu UN -a Opće informacije Rođenje 10. novembar 1928 . (1928-11-10) Rim , Italija Smrt 06. jul 2020 . (dob: 91) Rim , Italija Zanimanje skladatelj filmske glazbe Muzički žanr filmska muzika Period aktivnosti 1954 . - 2020 . Nagrade vidi Službena stranica uredi Enio Morikone (ital. Ennio Morricone ; rođen 10. novembra 1928 . u Rimu , u Italiji) je ...

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    Drama médico é um gênero de série de televisão em que os eventos centrais giram em torno de um hospital, uma equipe de ambulância, ou qualquer ambiente médico.As séries médicas começaram a se tornar populares na década de 1960, com séries como Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare (nos EUA) e Emergency Ward 10 (no Reino Unido).

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