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    ParaNorman was officially released on August 17, 2012, by Focus Features. It received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its animation and humor [7] and was a modest box office success, earning $107 million worldwide against its budget of $60 million.

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    Aug 17, 2012 · Directed by Chris Butler, Sam Fell. With Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Tucker Albrizzi. A misunderstood boy takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse.

    • (94.4K)
    • Chris Butler, Sam Fell
    • PG
    • 2 min
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    Norman is a young boy with pale skin, blue eyes, thick eyebrows and spiky brown hair. Throughout the movie, he is seen wearing either a red hoodie with a grey sweater underneath or a grey shirt with long, red sleeves, a pair of black jeans, and red sneakers.

    As he stews in his room his father talks to his mother about Norman's granduncle, the town's local bum, Mr. Prenderghast. Prenderghast approaches him, telling him he's the only one who can stop the witch's curse as the Prenderghasts, who can see and talk to the dead as well, have done. Neil Downe, Norman's new living friend, scares Prenderghast off after Norman refuses to take up the Prenderghast's cause. Later, after being approached by the spirit of the recently deceased Mr. Prenderghast, Norman reluctantly agrees to do it. This leads on a wild night with Norman first getting the book at Prenderghast's ramshackle house, off the corpse of his uncle, escaping the cursed seven judges with Neil, the school bully Alvin, Neil's brother Mitch and his older sister Courtney. During the quest to find where the witch was buried, the witch's spirit attacks Norman directly, sending him back to the trial in 1712, revealing the truth. The witch was just a small girl of around eleven who could al...

    "I didn't ask to be born this way..."
    (as one of the pilgrims) "THE DEAD ARE COMING!!!"
    "He's my dad. He shouldn't be afraid of me..."
    "That's, uh... not his chin."


    1. Norman has actually called himself a freak before. 2. Norman was told to never talk to his uncle Mr. Prenderghast. 3. Norman enjoys watching zombie movies with his deceased Grandma, who wishes to act as his guardian, and talks to his ghost friends. 4. Norman also plays baseball, as shown in one of the pictures in the movies intro. 5. Norman is constantly bullied by Alvin and his friends. However, by the end of the film, Norman and Alvin are friends. 6. Norman has a bedroom that is zombie-t...


    1. According to the book, three strange events happened on the day of Norman's birth. The lights in the maternity blew their fuses when they announced that he was a boy, the dogs across the street set up a strange chorus of howling around the same time, and two men finishing their shifts at Witchy Wieners saw a question mark shaped rainbow in the sky, even though it was one in the morning. 2. He (along with Neil, Salma, and Alvin) have the same science teacher named Mr. Feynman.

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    ParaNorman was the first stop-motion movie to utilize a 3D Color Printer to create replacement faces for its puppets in a process called “Rapid Prototyping." Over 31,000 individual face parts were printed for the production.

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    "Paranorman" is a very entertaining animated film that is alternately creepy and funny with more than its share of twists and turns and a cool message about how it is okay for a kid to be a little ...

    • (184)
    • fantasy, adventure, comedy, kids and family, animation
    • PG
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    From the makers of Coraline comes the story of Norman, a boy who must use his ability to see and speak with the dead to save his town from a centuries-old curse. In addition to spooky zombies, he'll also have to take on mysterious ghosts, wily witches and, worst, of all, clueless grown-ups. But this young ghoul whisperer will soon find his paranormal abilities pushed to their otherworldly ...

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    Agatha lived with her mother in Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts. Much like her distant relative, Norman Babcock, she can see the dead and also speak to them. Her ability caused people to become more and more distant from her to the point that they were led into believing that she was a witch and the people were led in to taking her away from her mother and was sentenced to be executed by the judge, and was later hanged. Angered at the judges' accusation, as she didn't do anything wrong, Agatha cursed those who testified against her and her curse continued for three hundred years. However, every year, someone, who has the same ability as her, is obliged to read a book to put her to sleep before her curse begins, delaying it by one year. It is presumed that other Prenderghast mediums all the way down to Norman's great-uncle Mr. Prenderghastwere the ones that did so. Throughout the events of her death's 300th anniversary, what had happened to her became famous, but was only believed to be...

    Aggie is mostly a girl with a sweet, modest demeanor. However, when the judge and his underlings convicted her, her fear and uncertainty gave way to pure hatred and rage, unleashing her power on them. She also despised hearing the story that was being read to her, as she confessed contentment to the book's destruction. She feels that those who have wronged her deserve the same, and she refuses to see her own wrongs, even when Norman is telling them to her. In the end, she learns how to let go of her pain and passes over to the next world, hoping to meet her mother once again.

    Agatha is depicted through effigies and the school play Norman is in, as a stereotypical old witch with a pointy hat, a long nose (with a noticeable wart on it) and a long chin, she also has a statue with that appearance. However, her real appearance is actually a little girl, whose age is no older than Norman, with long blackish brown hair, pale blue eyes, pale skin, quite thick eyebrows, and wears a dark grey dress with a white collar and red shoes.

    To Norman

    1. "I don't want to go to sleep. And you can't make me." 2. "I wanted everyone to see how rotten they were!" 3. "I burnt the book into dust, now I don't have to hear that story ever again!" 4. "Aggie...My name was Aggie..." 5. "My mommy brought me here once. We sat under the tree and she told me stories, they all had happy endings, and then those horrible men came and took me away and I never saw her again!" 6. "I just want my mommy..." 7. "...That story you were does it end?" 8...

    To the seven judges

    1. "Leave me alone or I'll make you sorry! I'll make all of you sorry!" 2. "I was only playing..."

    Aggie was born in 1701.
    Since she was accused of witchcraft, Aggie and her motherwere living in a Puritan village at the time. Puritan villages were hot-spots for witch-hunts during the Witch trial frenzy.
    In an indirect way, Aggie and Norman are related.
    Aggie died in 1712.
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    ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated comedy horror film from Laika Animation Studios, better known for their success with Coraline.It's directed by Chris Butler (the main storyboard artist on Coraline) and Sam Fell (an Aardman alumni and director of Flushed Away) based off a script written by Butler, and was released in August 2012.

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