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  1. Mar 13, 2012 · PART files are files that have only been partially downloaded by a download application. This happens when a user's download manager stores a portion of the file that you are downloading on your hard drive as the download is occurring.

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    Jan 26, 2023 · part ( plural parts ) A portion; a component . A fraction of a whole . Gaul is divided into three parts. A distinct element of something larger. The parts of a chainsaw include the chain, engine, and handle. A group inside a larger group. Share, especially of a profit. I want my part of the bounty. A unit of relative proportion in a mixture.

  3. 2 days ago · A part of something is one of the pieces, sections, or elements that it consists of. I like that part of Cape Town. [ + of] Respect is a very important part of any relationship. [ + of] 2. countable noun A part for a machine or vehicle is one of the smaller pieces that is used to make it. ...spare parts for military equipment. [ + for]

  4. Part is a structural function that gives a specified indexed part of an expression. The expression Part [ expr , i ] is commonly represented using the shorthand syntax expr [ [ i ] ] or expr 〚 i 〛 .

  5. in part partly; to a lesser degree or extent. I was not there, in part because of my disagreement about the purpose of the meeting. I also had a previous appointment. I hope to win, in part because I want the prize money. in particular specifically; especially. I'm not going anywhere in particular.

  6. petrous part of temporal bone the part of the temporal bone located at the base of the cranium, containing the inner ear. Some anatomists divide it into two separate subparts, calling the posterior section the mastoid part, reserving the term petrous part for the anterior section only, and calling the entire area the petromastoid part.

  7. Definition of part in the Idioms Dictionary. part phrase. What does part expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Part - Idioms by The Free ...

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