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  1. partial adjective (UNFAIR) influenced by the fact that you personally prefer or approve of something, so that you do not judge fairly: The reporting in the papers is entirely partial and makes no attempt to be objective. Opposite impartial SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases partial adjective (LIKING) [ after verb ] old-fashioned or formal

  2. partial noun [ C ] uk / ˈpɑː.ʃ ə l / us / ˈpɑːr.ʃ ə l / music specialized one part that makes up a complex musical note (= one that includes different sound waves); an overtone or a harmonic: the upper partials of the harmonic series More examples SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

  3. Definitions of partial adjective being or affecting only a part; not total “a partial description of the suspect” “ partial collapse” “a partial eclipse” “a partial monopoly” “ partial immunity” Synonyms: incomplete, uncomplete not complete or total; not completed adjective showing favoritism Synonyms: unfair, unjust

  4. partial adjective Definition of partial 1 as in biased inclined to favor one side over another that judge is always partial to the defense, so be careful Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance biased distorted partisan one-sided colored hostile prejudiced parti pris shaded interested concerned influenced warped jaundiced misrepresented swayed convinced

  5. About 71 percent of Americans would get the full benefits and another 17 percent would get the partial benefit, according to Kyle Pomerleau, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who specializes in tax policy. The District released partial data Monday on the race and ethnicity of residents who have received coronavirus vaccination in the city, but cautioned against drawing conclusions based on the preliminary figures because they are incomplete.

  6. Dec 29, 2022 · Partial dentures, also called partials, are artificial replacement teeth that restore a few missing teeth in a person's mouth. They’re supported by the surrounding tissues and remaining teeth. Your dentist may recommend partial dentures if you’ve lost one or more teeth to injury, decay, or a previous extraction.

  7. Apr 8, 2021 · Partial dentures can replace several missing teeth but not an entire upper or lower set of teeth. To get partial dentures, you must have some healthy teeth remaining in the upper and lower...

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