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  2. passionate / ( ˈpæʃənɪt) / adjective manifesting or exhibiting intense sexual feeling or desire a passionate lover capable of, revealing, or characterized by intense emotion a passionate plea easily roused to anger; quick-tempered Derived forms of passionate passionately, adverb passionateness, noun

  3. passionate adjective us / ˈpæʃ·ə·nət / full of emotion: a passionate speech passionately adverb us / ˈpæʃ·ə·nət·li / He really cares passionately about getting students to stay in school. (Definition of passionate from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of passionate passionate

  4. passionate See definition of passionate on adj. sensual, desirous adj. excited; enthusiastic adj. angry synonyms for passionate Compare Synonyms ardent loving romantic wistful amorous aroused concupiscent desirous erotic heavy hot lascivious libidinous lustful prurient sexy steamy stimulated sultry turned-on wanton

  5. A passionate person keeps his passion in mind whatever happens A spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gosp create passionate brand ambassadors felt passionate about FR: a career that I am passionate about - grammaire FR: a sport he had always been passionate about - grammaire FR: an interest that I am passionate about - grammaire

  6. Synonyms for PASSIONATE: affectionate, fierce, perfervid, enthusiastic, erotic, amative, impassioned, amorous; Antonyms for PASSIONATE: passionless, frigid, cold ...

  7. Another way to say Passionate? Synonyms for Passionate (other words and phrases for Passionate).

  8. It’s a good replacement for “passionate about” when you want to highlight your persistence. While “relentless” isn’t quite a synonym for “passionate about,” you can use it to show your passion. This can be more effective than saying you’re passionate. Here are some examples: I have demonstrated relentless determination in finishing my projects.

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