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  1. Murray has also supported legislation to increase the size of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, also in the Washington Cascades. On August 2, 2006, The New York Times wrote that, "In 1994, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was said to have engaged in excessive touching of his then-freshman colleague Patty Murray of Washington.

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    Then Sen. Patty Murray stepped in. Yakima Office: 402 E. Yakima Ave, Suite 390 Yakima, Washington 98901 Phone: (509) 453-7462 Fax: (509) 453-7731

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    Murray has also supported legislation to increase the size of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, also in the Washington Cascades. On August 2, 2006, The New York Times wrote that, "In 1994, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was said to have engaged in excessive touching of his then-freshman colleague Patty Murray of Washington.

  4. is the official website of Patty Murray's campaign for U.S. Senate in Washington state. Sign up to join the fight for working families and for Washington state progressive priorities. Patty Murray is the senior U.S. Senator from the great state of Washington.

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    If you would like to meet with Senator Murray and/or her staff, please fill out a meeting request. To send a message: Prefix Mr. Ms. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Dr. and Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Dr. Mx. Mr. and Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. Reverend Sister Pastor The Honorable Representative Senator

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  6. Aug 25, 2020 · Patty Murray is Washington's first female U.S. senator who has been serving in the position since 1993. Patty is married to her husband, Rob since 1972. The couple has two children. As of 2020, Murray's net worth is $800,000.

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    • Abortion
    • Agriculture
    • Labor
    • Opioids
    • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Global Trade Exchange
    • Central America
    • Russia
    • Myanmar
    • Healthcare

    Murray opposed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill criminalizing abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, saying on the Senate floor, "I oppose the fact that we are still voting on whether women and doctors are best equipped to make health care decisions—or politicians here in DC."She also voted against restricting UN funding for population control policies.

    In March 2019, Murray was one of thirty-eight senators to sign a letter to United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue warning that dairy farmers "have continued to face market instability and are struggling to survive the fourth year of sustained low prices" and urging his department to "strongly encourage these farmers to consider the Dairy Margin Coverage program." In June 2019, Murray and eighteen other Democratic senators sent a letter to USDA Inspector General (IG) Phyllis K. Fong with the request that the IG investigate USDA instances of retaliation and political decision-making and asserted that not conducting an investigation would mean these "actions could be perceived as a part of this administration’s broader pattern of not only discounting the value of federal employees, but suppressing, undermining, discounting, and wholesale ignoring scientific data produced by their own qualified scientists."

    In July 2019, Murray signed a letter to United States Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta that advocated for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to initiate a full investigation into a complaint filed on May 20 by a group of Chicago-area employees of McDonald's, which detailed workplace violence incidents that included interactions with customers such as customers throwing hot coffee and threatening employees with firearms and more. The senators argued that McDonald's could and needed to "do more to protect its employees, but employers will not take seriously their obligations to provide a safe workplace if OSHA does not enforce workers rights to a hazard-free workplace."

    In March 2017, Murray was one of twenty-one senators to sign a letter led by Ed Markey to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell which noted that 12 percent of adult Medicaid beneficiaries had some form or a substance abuse disorder in addition to one third of treatment administered for opioid and other substance use disorders in the United States being financed through Medicaid and opined that the American Health Care Act could "very literally translate into a death spiral for those with opioid use disorders" due to the insurance coverage lacking and not having the adequate funds to afford care oftentimes resulting in individuals abandoning substance use disorder treatment.

    Major General Galen Jackmanbriefs Senator Patty Murray on the Manned Ground Vehicle program in Washington, D. C. In October 2002, Murray was one of 21 Democrats in the Senate to vote against the War Authoritization for invading Iraq. Quoted from her Senate speech: Mr. President, if we do take action in Iraq, there is no doubt that our armed forces will prevail. We will win a war with Iraq decisively, and, God willing, we will win it quickly. But what happens after the war? That will have as big an impact on our future peace and security. Will we be obligated to rebuild Iraq? If so, how? Our economy is reeling, our budget is in deficit, and we have no estimate of the cost of rebuilding. And with whom? As New York Times columnist Tom Friedman points out, there's a retail store mentality that suggests to some – if "you break it, you buy it." In December 2002, while speaking to students at Columbia River High School in Vancouver, Murray made a number of remarks about Osama bin Laden,...

    Senator Patty Murray put the controversial intelligence ports-data project Global Trade Exchange into the Homeland security budget.

    In April 2019, Murray was one of thirty-four senators to sign a letter to President Trump encouraging him "to listen to members of your own Administration and reverse a decision that will damage our national security and aggravate conditions inside Central America", asserting that Trump had "consistently expressed a flawed understanding of U.S. foreign assistance" since becoming president and that he was "personally undermining efforts to promote U.S. national security and economic prosperity" through preventing the use of Fiscal Year 2018 national security funding. The senators argued that foreign assistance to Central American countries created less migration to the U.S., citing the funding's helping to improve conditions in those countries.

    In December 2010, Murray voted for the ratification of New Start, a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russian Federationobliging both countries to have no more than 1,550 strategic warheads as well as 700 launchers deployed during the next seven years along with providing a continuation of on-site inspections that halted when START I expired the previous year. It was the first arms treaty with Russia in eight years. In December 2018, after United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the Trump administration was suspending its obligations in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 60 days in the event that Russia continued to violate the treaty, Murray was one of twenty-six senators to sign a letter expressing concern over the administration "now abandoning generations of bipartisan U.S. leadership around the paired goals of reducing the global role and number of nuclear weapons and ensuring strategic stability with America's nuclear-armed...

    Murray condemned the genocide of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and called for a stronger response to the crisis.

    In December 2018, Murray was one of forty-two senators to sign a letter to Trump administration officials Alex Azar, Seema Verma, and Steve Mnuchinarguing that the administration was improperly using Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act to authorize states to "increase health care costs for millions of consumers while weakening protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions." The senators requested the administration withdraw the policy and "re-engage with stakeholders, states, and Congress."

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