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  1. About Paul Vunak What does the commander of the US Navy, the Governor of California, the Mayor of Frankfort, the Chief of Police of Hialeah, SEAL Team Six, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the US Army, Marine Corps Counter Intelligence, and US Air Force all have to say about Paul Vunak? ... He is their teacher.

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    Paul Vunak hè un artista marziale, famosu pà esse u creatore di u PFS . ... Language preferences; Read On Wikipedia; Edit; History; Talk Page; Print; Download PDF

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    Paul Vunak (Pittsburgh, Ochobre de 1960 - activu) ye un artista marcial, famosu por ser el creador del PFS (Progressive Fighting System). A la edá de 7 años principia a interesase poles artes marciales. A los 10 años entrena duramente nel taekwondo, recibiendo'l cinturón negru a 14 años.

  5. Jul 22, 2010 · He is the founder and head of the Progressive Fighting Systems and probably best known for developing the R.A.T (Rapid Assault Tactics) program for the U.S. Navy SEALS. Paul Vunak and MMA go hand...

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    Paul Vunak (Pittsburgh, Ottobre 1960 - in attività) hè un artista marziale, famosu pà esse u creatore di u PFS (Progressive Fighting System).. À l'età di 7 anni cumincia à interessà si à l'arti marziali. À 10 anni si allena duramente in u taekwondo, ricevendu a cintura nera à 14 anni.

  7. Apr 09, 2009 · Just that kind of energy. But he's not neccessarily a bad teacher - in fact if you look past the low production quality of his vids and his mullet - he teaches some good stuff. disclaimer: not a Vunak expert or even a Vunak nuthugger... just my opinion from watching some of his vids. That and $2.50 gets you a Frapuccino.

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