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      Hello World! Paul here. I have realized its been difficult...

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    Barroom Brawlin’.

    I’ve been including an occasional FightFast instructor biography because some naysayers, (who will remain nameless because I’m mad at them) have suggested that our FightFast instructors aren’t “real”. (I considered sending some FightFast instructors over to Mr. Nameless’s house just to confirm that they are in fact “real”. On second thought, that could end badly). Anyway… back to Paul Vunak. Turns out that some 25 years back — when he young, dumb, and full of… well… alcohol — Paul and his tra...

    Into the REAL combat zone.

    Paul’s work with the Navy SEALs began soon after a particularly nasty brawl in Virginia Beach. It wasn’t the time he beat the crap outta 5 much bigger dudes, (which one guy described as being like watching a Kung Fu movie from the front row)… …but the time Paul and three of his Navy SEAL buddies, took on a crowd of 17 pissed off bikers and tore the place up — floor to ceiling. That incident got some attention, and it wasn’t long before guys in suits and dark sunglasses showed up at Paul’s doo...

    Turning an Average Joe into a fighter.

    Turns out the guys in dark glasses weren’t there to arrest Paul. No. On the contrary, they heard of Paul’s reputation — and offered him a 4-year contract to train the Navy SEALS. Days later Paul was being dropped by helicopter into live-fire combat zones to train Navy SEALS on the “job site”. Here’s a photo of Paul and his assistant Tom Cruise (no, not that Tom Cruse), in the field with members of one SEAL Team Six. I can’t go into much more detail as it’s still highly classified stuff. But I...

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  3. Paul Vunak. 118,706 likes · 227 talking about this. This is the official Paul Vunak Page. Follow this page for information about training with me...

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  4. Nov 28, 2019 · Get my Listening Training and Advanced Podcast: my FREE 'Listening Time' Podcast:

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  5. The Official website of Paul Vunak and Progressive Fighting Systems. bottom of page

  6. › @paulvunak9789Paul Vunak - YouTube

    Paul Vunak @paulvunak9789 8.69K subscribers 78 videos The official channel of Paul Vunak and Progressive Fighting Systems. Find all current and past video's of Paul Vunak's training...

  7. A shortened version of an interview with JKD teacher Paul Vunak. The longer version will be posted in the future.

  8. This principle I developed has allowed me to give hundreds of seminars, publish many books and videos without ever having to repeat myself. This one tool alone will provide you with an endless well of knowledge which you can teach your students and use for a lifetime.. - Enigma One Vol.1 : 119 min.. - Enigma One Vol.2 : 89 min. Languages: English.

  9. Sifu Vunak is the only "JKD" person who started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was not even heard of outside of Brazil. Sifu Vunak realized the importance of the...

  10. Jul 14, 2012 · Vunak, with the amount of full-contact sparring he's done in multiple martial arts over many years, is a fighter, in every sense of the word. Except for the competing as a fighter sense. Someone could well be able to throw down, but being able to fight, and literally being a fighter are different things IMO.

  11. › co › Paul_VunakPaul Vunak - Wikiwand

    Paul Vunak (Pittsburgh, Ottobre 1960 - in attività) hè un artista marziale, famosu pà esse u creatore di u PFS (Progressive Fighting System). À l'età di 7 anni cumincia à interessà si à l' arti marziali . À 10 anni si allena duramente in u taekwondo, ricevendu a cintura nera à 14 anni.