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    What are the pros and cons of pay back period?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a payback period?

    What does payback period mean?

    What is the regular payback period is defined as?

  2. Payback Period Definition -

    May 05, 2020 · The payback period refers to the amount of time it takes to recover the cost of an investment. Simply put, the payback period is the length of time an investment reaches a break-even point. The...

  3. Payback Period - Learn How to Use & Calculate the Payback Period

    The Payback Period shows how long it takes for a business to recoup an investment. This type of analysis allows firms to compare alternative investment opportunities and decide on a project that returns its investment in the shortest time, if that criteria is important to them.

  4. Understanding the Payback Period and How to Calculate It

    Sep 15, 2020 · The payback period is the time it will take for your business to recoup invested funds. For instance, if your business was considering upgrading assembly line equipment, you would calculate the...

  5. Payback Period Formula: Meaning, Example and Formula - QuickBooks

    Payback Period is the number of years it takes to recover the initial investment or the original investment made in a project. It is based on the incremental cash flows from a particular investment project.

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  6. Payback Period (Definition, Formula) | How to Calculate?

    Payback period can be defined as period of time required to recover its initial cost and expenses and cost of investment done for project to reach at time where there is no loss no profit i.e. breakeven point.

  7. How to calculate the payback period — AccountingTools

    Apr 17, 2020 · The payback period is the amount of time required for cash inflows generated by a project to offset its initial cash outflow. There are two ways to calculate the payback period, which are:

  8. Payback Period: Making Capital Budgeting Decisions

    Nov 13, 2019 · The payback period represents the number of years it takes to pay back the initial investment of a capital project from the cash flows that the project produces. The capital project could involve buying a new plant or building or buying a new or replacement piece of equipment.

  9. Payback Period Formula | Calculator (Excel template)

    Payback period is the time required to recover the cost of total investment meant into a business. Payback period is a basic concept which is used for taking decisions whether a particular project will be taken by the organization or not. In simple terms, management looks for a lower payback period.

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