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  1. The People's Charter

    Shift resources into schools, housing, healthcare and jobs, to enable all people – especially Black and brown people, immigrants, and Indigenous people – to thrive. Eliminate restrictive local zoning rules that keep housing and schools segregated by race and class. Aid Black families, and other people of color harmed by redlining in buying ...

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    sign the people’s charter The United States of America is the richest country in the history of the world. We can get ourselves out of the messes we’re in. Imagine if the grocery store clerks, the farmworkers, the nurses, the teachers, the bus drivers and all of the working people in this country were in charge of it.

  3. The People’s Charter is the Working Families Party’s new, ambitious roadmap out of our current state of crisis, and to an America that works for the many, not the privileged few. Add your name to let us know you want to build this future — and that you’re ready to take action to make it happen. Read and sign the People’s Charter

  4. The People's Charter, 1838 - The British Library › collection-items › people-charter
    • Universal Suffrage
    • No Property Qualification
    • Annual Parliaments
    • Equal Representation
    • Payment of Members
    • Vote by Secret Ballot

    When the Charter was written in 1838, only 18 per cent of the adult-male population of Britain could vote (before 1832 just 10 per cent could vote). The Charter proposed that the vote be extended to all adult males over the age of 21, apart from those convicted of a felony or declared insane.

    When this document was written, potential members of Parliament needed to own property of a particular value. This prevented the vast majority of the population from standing for election. By removing the requirement of a property qualification, candidates for elections would no longer have to be selected from the upper classes.

    A government could retain power as long as there was a majority of support. This made it very difficult to replace of a bad or unpopular government.

    The 1832 Reform Act had abolished the worst excesses of 'pocket boroughs'. A pocket borough was a parliamentary constituency owned by a single patron who controlled voting rights and could nominate the two members who were to represent the borough in Parliament. In some of these constituencies as few as six people could elect two members of Parliament. There were still great differences between constituencies, particularly in the industrial north where there were relatively few MPs compared to rural areas. The Chartists proposed the division of the United Kingdom into 300 electoral districts, each containing an equal number of inhabitants, with no more than one representative from each district to sit in Parliament.

    MPs were not paid for the job they did. As the vast majority of people required income from their jobs to be able to live, this meant that only people with considerable personal wealth could afford to become MPs. The Charter proposed that MPs were paid an annual salary of £500.

    Voting at the time was done in public using a 'show of hands' at the 'hustings' (a temporary, public platform from which candidates for parliament were nominated). Landlords or employers could therefore see how their tenants or employees were voting and could intimidate them and influence their decisions. Voting was not made secret until 1871.

  5. Demanding a Nation That 'Cares for All' Not Just the Wealthy ... › news › 2020/10/08

    Oct 08, 2020 · A coalition of progressive lawmakers, union leaders, and social justice advocates on Thursday unveiled the " People's Charter," a political agenda intended to outline how, in the midst of overlapping public health, economic, policing, and climate crises that have devastated low-income communities of color most of all, working people can come together to transform the United States from a country that works for "the privileged and powerful few" to one that "cares for all of us."

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  7. Oct 13, 2020 · On October 8, the Working Families Party, in conjunction with several of the Democratic Party’s most prominent progressives, launched the People’s Charter, which it describes as, “an aspirational...

    • Chris Talgo
  8. Progressives unveil 2021 agenda to pressure Biden - POLITICO › news › 2020/10/08

    Oct 08, 2020 · The People's Charter offers a pathway to work together toward healing and justice for everyone.” Biden supports some of the planks of the proposal, such as free Covid-19 testing and a ban on...

  9. Dems present their Soviet plan, the 'People's Charter' if ... › dems-present-their

    Oct 09, 2020 · THE PEOPLE’S CHARTER Getting back to the plan. It’s called the “People’s Charter,” of course it is.

  10. Key Dems Announce "People's Charter" to Push Biden Toward Far ... › key-dems-announce-peoples

    The bottom line is the “People’s Charter” is a major push to adopt socialism in America. President Trump is correct in his assessment of the Democrat’s agenda. Our previous report on the Working Families Party includes a controversial appearance by Tom Perez in September of 2018 to speak to the group.

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