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  1. Perfect Game USA is devoted to furthering the development and career of the talented high school baseball players. The most respected scouting service in the industry.

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    A perfect game in Major League Baseball is a victory by a pitcher (or combination of pitchers) that lasts a minimum of nine innings with no batter reaching first base. To achieve a perfect game, a team must not allow any opposing player to reach base by any means: no hits, walks, hit batsmen, uncaught third strikes, catcher's or fielder's interference, or fielding errors; in short, "27 up, 27 ...

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    Perfect Games in Baseball History Although any day at the ballpark is a perfect day in our book, there have been just 23 true perfect games throughout Major League Baseball history. In a perfect game, no opposing batter reaches base.

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    Philip Humber's perfect game was the only complete game he ever recorded, and his major league career, in which he went 16–23, ended the year after he threw it. Major League Baseball perfect games 19th century. Note that the pitching rules in effect in 1880 were very different from those of the modern game.

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    Game notes

    Individual notes 1. Richmond's perfect game featured an unusual 9-3 putout, with Worcester right fielder Lon Knight throwing out Cleveland's Bill Phillips at first. According to some accounts, Robertson hurled his historic perfecto after staying up all night following a pregraduation dinner at Brown University, pitching in an early morning class game, and taking a train to Worcesterjust in time to perform his professional duties. 2. Ward threw his perfect game at the Grays' park in Providence...

    The current official Major League Baseball definition of a perfect game requires that a pitcher allow no baserunners over the course of an entire game lasting at least nine innings, and that the pitcher pitch a complete game victory. There have been three instances in which a pitcher retired every player he faced over nine innings without allowing a baserunner, but, by the current definition, is not credited with a perfect game, either because he did not pitch a complete game victory and/or because the game went into extra innings and an opposing player eventually reached base: 1. On June 23, 1917, Babe Ruth, then a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, walked the Washington Senators' first batter, Ray Morgan, on four straight pitches. Ruth, who had already been shouting at umpire Brick Owens about the quality of his calls, become even angrier and, in short order, was ejected. Enraged, Ruth charged Owens, swung at him, and had to be led off the field by a policeman. Ernie Shore came in t...

    On at least nine occasions in Major League Baseball history, a perfect game has been spoiled when the batter representing what would have been the third and final out in the ninth inning reached base. Unless otherwise noted, the pitcher in question finished and won the game without allowing any more baserunners: 1. On July 4, 1908, Hooks Wiltse of the New York Giants hit Philadelphia Philliespitcher George McQuillan in a scoreless game—the only time a 0-0 perfecto has been broken up by the 27th batter. Wiltse pitched on, winning 1-0; his ten-inning no-hitter set a record for longest complete game no-hitter that has been tied twice but never broken. 2. On August 5, 1932, Tommy Bridges of the Detroit Tigersgave up a pinch-hit single to Dave Harris in a 13-0 win against the Senators. 3. On June 27, 1958, Billy Pierce of the Chicago White Soxgave up a double, which landed just inches in fair territory, to Washington's Ed Fitzgerald. 4. On September 3, 1972, Milt Pappas of the Chicago Cu...

    Nine or more consecutive innings of perfection

    There have been twelve occasions in Major League Baseball history when a pitcher, after allowing one or more runners to reach base, recorded at least 27 consecutive outs. In two cases, the game went into extra innings, and the pitcher recorded morethan 27 consecutive outs: 1. On September 24, 1919, Waite Hoyt, pitching for the Red Sox against the Yankees, gave up three singles in a row in the second inning. Hoyt retired the next three batters and did not allow another baserunner until Wally P...

    No-hit, no-walk, no–hit batsman games

    In the early years of major league play, certain rules clearly made it easier than in the modern era to approach perfection—hit batsmen were not awarded first base and more than four balls were required to work out a walk. On the other hand, because baseball fields were not rigorously maintained and gloves (when worn at all) were significantly inferior to later equipment, it was not rare for otherwise perfect games to be marred solely by fielding errors, often more than one. Records in this a...

    In The Scout (20th Century-Fox, 1994), protagonist Steve Nebraska (Brendan Fraser) throws a perfect game in the first contest of the World Series, which is also his major-league debut. Nebraska—wearing uniform number 18, Don Larsen's number—strikes out all 27 batters on three pitches each, making it an 81-pitch "super-perfect" game. In For Love of the Game (Universal Pictures, 1999), hero Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) pitches a perfect game at Yankee Stadium. One of the game's commentators, Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully, playing himself, refers to his broadcast of Larsen's perfect World Series game, also played at Yankee Stadium. The movie is based on a short novel of the same name by author Michael Shaara.


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    1. Baseball Almanac 2. 3. 4. Ralph, John (2004). "Remembering the Near-Misses," (May 18).

    Pitchers who pitched complete games of at least nine innings while facing the minimum list by Baseball Fever contributor Utter Chaos; the data is clearly incomplete and has not been verified with a...
    Pitchers who retired 27 consecutive batters or more over a span of two or more games Baseball Prospectus article by Keith Woolner on "hidden" perfect games (also see the follow-up)
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    Apr 19, 2021 · A perfect game has been thrown sixteen times in Nippon Professional Baseball history, one in the postseason. There have been nine perfect games in the Mexican League, including one utilizing three pitchers, one in the postseason and several 7-inning affairs. There has been one perfect game in the Cuban Serie Nacional.

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    PGCBL Expansion In 2021. Robert F. Julian, president of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL), is pleased to announce the addition of the Batavia Muckdogs, Niagara Power, and the Ottawa-based Capital City Reds to the PGCBL lineup for the 2021 season.

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    Perfect Games. Words alone cannot describe pitching's top "club" and most desired goal — the masterpiece of any career, the pinnacle of the pitching aspect and one of the most difficult feats to achieve in the entire game of baseball is the perfect game. What is a perfect game in baseball?

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    The right person to ask about perfect games is a pitcher. Here is the pitcher's view of perfection: A perfect game occurs when a pitcher faces 27 batters and none of them get on base. They all strike out, fly out or are tagged out while getting to first base. Sixteen major league perfect games have been pitched in the entire history of baseball:

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