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  1. Jun 17, 2022 · While less common than an endodontic abscess, a periodontal abscess is the third most frequent dental emergency requiring immediate intervention due to their rapid onset of pain. A periodontal abscess is described as a localized accumulation of pus within the gingival wall of a periodontal pocket.

  2. A periodontal abscess is a collection of pus that occurs in the tooth-supporting tissues (the periodontium) as a result of bacterial infection. It usually occurs as a complication of advanced gum disease (periodontitis), which is caused by poor oral hygiene. The periodontal abscess causes pain that becomes worse with biting on the affected tooth.

  3. Periodontal abscess may be acute or chronic in its onset. An acute exacerbation in chronic cases can be seen in some cases. The clinical features of periodontal abscess include, The patient complains of pain, which is throbbing in an acute periodontal abscess and dull and gnawing in a chronic periodontal abscess. Edema and redness at the ...

  4. Feb 26, 2018 · Also called a periodontal abscess, a gum abscess is a painful condition that can lead to serious complications. It’s important to recognize the signs of a gum abscess and get medical treatment ...

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    A periodontal abscess can occur as the result of tooth fracture, food packing into a periodontal pocket (with poorly shaped fillings), calculus build-up, and lowered immune responses (such as in diabetes). Periodontal abscess can also occur after periodontal scaling, which causes the gums to tighten around the teeth and trap debris in the pocket.

  6. periodontal abscess a localized collection of pus in the periodontal tissue. peritonsillar abscess a localized accumulation of pus in the peritonsillar tissue subsequent to suppurative inflammation of the tonsil; called also quinsy .

  7. Nov 13, 2021 · A periodontal abscess affects the bone next to your tooth. You can get more than one abscess. Or one abscess can travel through the bone and show up in several spots. But each is related to only ...

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