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  1. FAST FACTS OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Peru FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional republic CAPITAL: Lima POPULATION: 31,331,228 OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Spanish, Quechua MONEY: Nuevo Sol AREA: 496,224...

    • Fast Facts About Peru. Here are some quick general knowledge fun facts about Peru so you can get to know the basic information about this wonderful country.
    • Machu Picchu Facts. Believed to have been built in the 1400s, this new wonder of the world has an extremely rich history and a great cultural connection to Peru.
    • Inca Empire Facts. The history and culture surrounding the native people of Peru is absolutely fascinating. They had their own religion, customs and inventions that are studied by archaeologists and historians all over the world today.
    • Peruvian Wildlife And Nature. Peru is home to some of the most diverse ecosystems and animal species in all of South America. Here are some fun facts about Peru's wildlife and the amazing creatures you can find there.
  2. The Inca established an empire in Peru that grew very quickly and lasted for hundreds of years. In the mid-1500s, the Spanish defeated the Incas. They ruled until Peru achieved independence in...

    • For someone who loves ocean surfing, you will be impressed to learn that Peru is one of the best surfing locations in the world. With a 1.5 mile long tidal wave that you can surf, be sure to hit its coastlines and surf the wave.
    • This one is an interesting one, and it probably will make you laugh. In Peru during New Year’s Eve, it is a normal tradition for your friends and even family to give you a gift of yellow underwear!
    • And what about the oldest university in the Americas? Yes, The National University of San Marcos, which was founded in the year 1551, is the oldest university in the Americas.
    • The government of Peru banned prisoners from using chili sauce in 1973 claiming that it increased their sexual arousal.
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    • Guinea Pigs are a local delicacy. It may sound strange but eating guinea pigs is actually a delicacy in Peru. The guinea pig is called cuy and it’s mainly eaten in the Andes region of Peru, where they’re considered an important part of their culture.
    • Peruvians give yellow underpants as gifts on New Year’s Eve. Peruvians celebrate New Year’s by gifting one another yellow underpants. The tradition is based on the belief that if you wear a new pair of underwear during the first moments of the new year, you will have luck and prosperity for an entire year.
    • Prisoners were banned to use chili sauce. Have you ever heard the saying “chili peppers make your genitals tingle” or “spicy foods increase sexual appetite”?
    • Incorrectly pronounced Machu Picchu means something very different. Correctly pronounced Machu Picchu (mah-choo peeK-choo) means “old mountain”. However, if you pronounce it incorrectly as (mah-choo pee-choo), it means “old p*nis”.
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