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    Le phalangisme ou falangisme (espagnol: Falangismo) était l'idéologie politique de la Falange Española Tradicionalista et des Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista (toutes deux simplement connues sous le nom de « Falange »), ainsi que de leurs dérivés dans d'autres pays.

  2. Kataeb Party - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangist

    The Phalange party's militia was not only the largest and best organized political paramilitary force in Lebanon but also the oldest. It was founded in 1937 as the "Militants' organization" by the President of the Party Pierre Gemayel and William Hawi, a Lebanese-American glass industrialist, who led them during the 1958 civil war.

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  4. Macedonian phalanx - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangites

    The Macedonian phalanx (Greek: Μακεδονική φάλαγξ) is an infantry formation developed by Philip II and used by his son Alexander the Great to conquer the Achaemenid Empire and defeat armies of other kingdoms.

  5. Phalangium - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangium

    Valid species (as of 2014) Source. Of the 35 species listed above, 6 are valid [P. ligusticum, P. opilio (originally described in 1758, not 1761), P. punctipes, P. riedeli, P. savignyi (originally described by Audouin, not Savigny) & P. targionii], 3 belong to different genera of the opiliones, 4 belong to different arachnid orders, 2 are species inquirenda and 20 are nomina dubia.

  6. Phalangiidae - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangiidae

    The Phalangiidae are a family of harvestmen with about 380 known species. The best known is Phalangium opilio. Dicranopalpus ramosus is an invasive species in Europe.. It is not to be confused with the harvestman family Phalangodidae, which belongs to the suborder Laniatores

  7. Phalanx bone - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalange

    The phalanges / f ə ˈ l æ n dʒ iː z / (singular: phalanx / ˈ f æ l æ ŋ k s /) are digital bones in the hands and feet of most vertebrates.In primates, the thumbs and big toes have two phalanges while the other digits have three phalanges.

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    With Reverso you can find the French translation, definition or synonym for phalangisme and thousands of other words. You can complete the translation of phalangisme given by the French Definition dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Grévisse

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    Retrouvez la définition du mot phalangisme dans notre dictionnaire en ligne par

  10. phalangiste definition | French definition dictionary | Reverso › french-definition › phalangiste

    phalangiste definition in French dictionary, phalangiste meaning, synonyms, see also 'phalangisme',phalange',phalangide',phalangien'. Enrich your vocabulary with the French Definition dictionary

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