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    Le phalangisme typique place les intérêts de l'État et de la nation au-dessus des intérêts individuels et de groupes [2]. Il préconise la nécessité d'une autorité, d'une hiérarchie et d'un ordre totaux dans la société et peut être considéré généralement comme anticommuniste , anti-libéral et antidémocratique [ 3 ] , [ 4 ] .

  2. Falangism in Latin America - Wikipedia › wiki › Falangism_in_Latin_America

    Falangism in Latin America has been a feature of political life since the 1930s as movements looked to the national syndicalist clerical fascism of the Spanish state and sought to apply it to other Spanish-speaking countries.

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  4. Kataeb Party - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangist

    The Phalange party's militia was not only the largest and best organized political paramilitary force in Lebanon but also the oldest. It was founded in 1937 as the "Militants' organization" by the President of the Party Pierre Gemayel and William Hawi, a Lebanese-American glass industrialist, who led them during the 1958 civil war.

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    Arctic is a 2018 Icelandic survival drama film directed by Joe Penna and written by Penna and Ryan Morrison. The film is an international co-production between Iceland and the United States, and stars Mads Mikkelsen as a man stranded in the Arctic. The film premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, and was released in theaters on 1 February 2019.

    • Chris Lemole, Tim Zajaros, Noah C. Haeussner
    • 10 May 2018 (Cannes), 1 February 2019 (United States)
  7. Phalangiidae - Wikipedia › wiki › Phalangiidae

    The Phalangiidae are a family of harvestmen with about 380 known species. The best known is Phalangium opilio. Dicranopalpus ramosus is an invasive species in Europe.. It is not to be confused with the harvestman family Phalangodidae, which belongs to the suborder Laniatores

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    The film made extensive use of new motion capture filming techniques, and was released for traditional viewing, 3D viewing (using the RealD 3D, Dolby 3D, XpanD 3D, and IMAX 3D formats), and for "4D" experiences in select South Korean theaters. The stereoscopic filmmaking was touted as a breakthrough in cinematic technology.

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    phalangisme definition in French dictionary, phalangisme meaning, synonyms, see also 'phalangiste',phalange',phalangide',phalangien'. Enrich your vocabulary with the French Definition dictionary

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