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  1. Arylcyclohexylamine anesthetics were intensively investigated at Parke-Davis, beginning with the 1956 synthesis of phencyclidine and later the related compound ketamine. The 1970s saw the debut of these compounds, especially PCP and its analogues , as illicitly used recreational drugs due to their dissociative hallucinogenic and euphoriant effects.

    Aryl Substituent
    N Group
    Cyclohexyl Ring
  2. Dec 02, 2022 · A similar signature (including problems with carnitine synthesis, lipid oxidation, and tryptophan metabolism) has shown up in several small metabolomic fibromyalgia studies. The latest one highlighted “lipid and amino acid metabolism networks“. A mitochondrial study suggested that problems metabolizing fatty acids are present as well. in FM.

  3. Dec 03, 2022 · Common research topics are organic chemical— reactions, carbon-hydrogen bonding, organic synthesis and bio-organic materials. Image credit: Unsplash. Organic chemistry

  4. Dec 03, 2022 · To explain the miRNA 168-dependent salt tolerance mechanism and regulation pathway, transcriptome sequencing, degradome-seq, and qRT-PCR were performed. The homeostasis within miR168 and its target gene OsAGO1a may regulate rice salt stress responses through their effect on the cellular balance of Na + and further affect plant growth.

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    Dec 02, 2022 · It focuses on evaluating the biological signaling and flow of chemical energy through the process of metabolism within living organisms. Although, Biological Chemistry has typically been focused at explaining the living process, it today focuses mostly on understanding how individual biological molecules, along with their interactions ...

  6. Dec 03, 2022 · This chapter reviews the possible roles offered by the microorganism in the effective remediation of As from soil–water systems. Moreover, various advancements in the field of bioremediation have been discussed. Different challenges to microorganism-based remediation technologies are also explained. Keywords. Arsenic; Physicochemical approaches

  7. Dec 03, 2022 · Request PDF | On Dec 3, 2022, Shikha Chouhan and others published Exploration of UV absorbing functional materials and their advanced applications | Find, read and cite all the research you need ...

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