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    Which to learn first, Tagalog or Cebuano?

    What does the name Cebuano mean?

    What does Cebuano language mean?

    What are the characteristics of a Cebuano?

  2. Cebuano ( / sɛˈbwɑːnoʊ / ), also referred to by most of its speakers simply and generically as Bisaya or Binisaya (both translated into English as Visayan, though this should not be confused with other Bisayan languages ), [7] is an Austronesian language spoken in the southern Philippines. It is spoken by the Visayan ethnolinguistic groups ...

    • 22 million (2010)
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    The letters c, f, j, q, v, x and z are also used, but only in foreign loanwords. Hear how to pronounce the Cebuano alphabet: Download an alphabet chart for Cebuano(Excel)

    Ang tanang katawhan gipakatawo nga may kagawasan ug managsama sa kabililhon. Sila gigasahan sa salabutan ug tanlag og mag-ilhanay isip managsoon sa usa'g-usa diha sa diwa sa ospiritu. A recording of this text by Jicko Racines Another recording of this text by Josh Montarde

    Information about Cebuano language and culture Culture/CebuMain.htm Online Cebuano lessons http://visaya-languag...

    Abellen, Aborlan Tagbanwa, Agutaynen, Aklan, Ambala, Arta, Balangao, Bantayanon, Bantik, Bantoanon, Baybayanon, Bikol, Binukid, Bolinao, Bontoc, Botolan, Buhid, Bugkalot, Bukid, Butuanon, Calmian Tagbanwa, Caluyanon, Capiznon, Casiguran Dumagat Agta, Cebuano, Central Tagbanwa, Cuyonon, Dupaningan, Gaddang, Gorontalo, Hanuno'o, Hatang Kayi, Hiligayn...

  3. Languages of the Philippines. There are some 120 to 187 languages spoken in the Philippines, depending on the method of classification. [4] [5] [6] Almost all are Malayo-Polynesian languages native to the archipelago. A number of Spanish-influenced creole varieties generally called Chavacano are also spoken in certain communities.

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    The grammar of Cebuano shares many features with other Austronesian languages of the Philippines such as Tagalog and Ilokano.

    Cebuano vocabulary is Austronesian in origin. It shares many words with Tagalog. As a result of Spanish influence, Cebuano also contains many words of Spanish origin, such as names of the days of the week and months. In addition, the language has borrowed words from Chinese, Arabic, and English. Some examples are krus from Spanishcruz ‘cross‘, hays...

    Although it is commonly believed that each province in the Philippines had its own ancient alphabet, Spanish writers of the 16th century reported that the practice of writing was found only in the Manila area at the time of first contact. Writing spread to the other islands later, in the middle of the 16th century. The Spaniards usually called the ...

  4. The Cebuano group is the second most widespread Filipino ethnolinguistic group after the Tagalogs. With approximately 21,000,000 speakers, Cebuano is the most widely spoken Bisayan language. The term Cebuano is derived from the Latinate calque, “Cebu” plus “-ano.”

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