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  1. Both the profession and specialty are maturing, and along with this natural process, nurses are clarifying their roles and scope of practice. As nurses examine their practice, they also are questioning what is fundamentally important to them as nurses and as individuals-their values and beliefs.

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      Both the profession and specialty are maturing, and along...

  2. May 9, 2023 · The establishment of the journal Nursing Philosophy, the Annual Nursing Philosophy Conference, the International Philosophy of Nursing Society (IPONS) and their influence on nursing both in the academy and in practice will be discussed.

  3. Jul 12, 2023 · This definition of nursing philosophy provides an opening for further inquiry, helping to illuminate its functionalities and potentialities for outputs that can facilitate rigorous practice, education, and scholarship.

  4. The discussion covers philosophy and nursing, Covid-19's impact on humanness and critical care hospitalisations' impact on family relationships, philosophy's influence on nursing, followed by a conclusion.

  5. Dec 1, 2014 · This paper described the application of my personal philosophy of nursing utilizing nursing's ways of knowing, nursing theories, and borrowed theories. A pragmatic approach to nursing's paradigms is encouraged with an emphasis on both the application of knowledge and knowledge development.

    • Allison Marchuk, Allison Marchuk
    • 2014
  6. Aug 21, 2023 · A personal nursing philosophy is a statement that shows a nurse's beliefs, values, and ethics regarding the nursing profession. It is specific to the nursing profession because it is only written by nurses or those training to be nurses.

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  8. The goal of this article is to review an ontological account of nursing that seeks to understand the nature of nursing by showing the relation between the goal and structure of nursing care in association with the persons who are its recipients and practitioners.

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