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  1. The Phrygian language ( / ˈfrɪdʒiən /) was the Indo-European language of the Phrygians, spoken in Anatolia (modern Turkey ), during classical antiquity (c. 8th century BC to 5th century AD). Phrygian ethno-linguistic homogeneity is debatable.

    • After the 5th century AD
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    Indo-European Etymological Dictionary. v. t. e. The Phrygians ( Greek: Φρύγες, Phruges or Phryges) were an ancient Indo-European speaking people, who inhabited central-western Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) in antiquity. They were related to the Greeks and Armenians.

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  4. The Phrygian language was the Indo-European language of the Phrygians, spoken in Anatolia , during classical antiquity . ... Download PDF {{:: ... View file on Wikipedia;

  5. Jan 10, 2022 · Section 1 The Near and Middle East, Volume: 139. This book provides an updated view of our knowledge about Phrygian, an Indo-European language attested to have been spoken in Anatolia between the 8th century BC and the Roman Imperial period. Although a linguistic and epigraphic approach is the...

    • January 01, 2020
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    Jan 1, 2018 · Download full-text PDF Read full-text. Download full-text PDF. Read full-text. Download citation. Copy link Link copied. ... Phrygian is an extinct Indo-European language of West and Central ...

  7. Phrygian language, ancient Indo-European language of west-central Anatolia. Textual evidence for Phrygian falls into two distinct groups. Old Phrygian texts date from the 8th to 3rd centuries bce and are written in an alphabet related to but different from that of Greek.