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    Piano kan verwijzen naar: . Piano (instrument), een toetsinstrument, eigenlijk genaamd pianoforte Piano (dynamiek), een aanduiding in de muzieknotatie Piano (Corsica), een gemeente in het Franse departement Haute-Corse

  2. Once the piano became popular in the late 18th century many composers wrote music for the piano. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart started to learn on harpsichords when he was very small, but the piano was becoming popular when he was a young man and he wrote many sonatas and concertos for the piano. Franz Joseph Haydn also wrote a lot of piano music.

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    Piano wire, or "music wire", is a specialized type of wire made for use in piano strings but also in other applications as springs.It is made from tempered high-carbon steel, also known as spring steel, which replaced iron as the material starting in 1834.

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    The Everett Piano Company, or simply Everett Piano, was a piano manufacturing company founded by the John Church Company.It was previously owned by Yamaha.. History. It was founded in 1883 in Boston, Massachusetts by the John Church Company, which was at the time, one of the leading companies of the industry.

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