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  1. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas Piano (yang juga disebut pianoforte) adalah alat musik tuts yang diklasifikasikan sebagai instrumen dawai dan perkusi yang dimainkan dengan menekan tuts-tuts pada papan piano. Setiap tuts tersambung ke palu yang ada di dalam piano dan menekan senar di dalamnya, sehingga menghasilkan bunyi.

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    The word "piano" is a shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian term for the early 1700s versions of the instrument, which in turn derives from clavicembalo col piano e forte (key cimbalom with quieter and louder) and fortepiano. The Italian musical terms piano and forte indicate "soft" and "loud" respectively, in this context referring to the vari...

    The piano was founded on earlier technological innovations in keyboard instruments. Pipe organs have been used since antiquity, and as such, the development of pipe organs enabled instrument builders to learn about creating keyboard mechanisms for sounding pitches. The first string instruments with struck strings were the hammered dulcimers, which ...

    Modern pianos have two basic configurations, the grand piano and the upright piano, with various styles of each. There are also specialized and novelty pianos, electric pianos based on electromechanical designs, electronic pianos that synthesize piano-like tones using oscillators, and digital pianos using digital samplesof acoustic piano sounds.

    Pianos can have over 12,000 individual parts, supporting six functional features: keyboard, hammers, dampers, bridge, soundboard, and strings. Many parts of a piano are made of materials selected for strength and longevity. This is especially true of the outer rim. It is most commonly made of hardwood, typically hard maple or beech, and its massive...

    When the key is struck, a chain reaction occurs to produce the sound. First, the key raises the "wippen" mechanism, which forces the jack against the hammer roller (or knuckle). The hammer roller then lifts the lever carrying the hammer. The key also raises the damper; and immediately after the hammer strikes the wire it falls back, allowing the wi...

    Pianos are heavy and powerful, yet delicate instruments. Over the years, professional piano movers have developed special techniques for transporting both grands and uprights, which prevent damage to the case and to the piano's mechanical elements. Pianos need regular tuning to keep them on correct pitch. The hammers of pianos are voiced to compens...

    As with any other musical instrument, the piano may be played from written music, by ear, or through improvisation. While some folk and blues pianists were self-taught, in Classical and jazz, there are well-established piano teaching systems and institutions, including pre-college graded examinations, university, college and music conservatory dipl...

    The piano is a crucial instrument in Western classical music, jazz, blues, rock, folk music, and many other Western musical genres. Pianos are used in soloing or melodic roles and as accompaniment instruments. As well, pianos can be played alone, with a voice or other instrument, in small groups (bands and chamber music ensembles) and large ensembl...

    • 314.122-4-8, (Simple chordophone with keyboard sounded by hammers)
  3. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Papan Tuts Piano elektronik. Piano elektronik atau Piano listrik adalah sebuah instrumen papan tuts yang dirancang untuk mensimulasikan warnanada dari piano (dan kadang-kadang harpsichord atau organ ) menggunakan sirkuit analog. Piano elektronik juga merupakan nama dagang yang digunakan untuk ...

  4. The Piano merupakan sebuah film yang dirilis tahun 1993 yang memenangkan nominasi Academy Award. Film ini berasal dari negara Selandia Baru, Australia, dan Prancis. Pemain utamanya ialah Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, dan masih banyak lagi. Sutradaranya ialah Jane Campion . The Piano mendapatkan total 7 nominasi Academy Award, termasuk Best Picture.

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