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  1. Destructive Termites in Texas - • Termites › termites › termites-texas

    CONTENTS: learn about these destructive species of termites - tips on identification of the timber damage caused - find out when these termites swarm in your local area and how to identify the swarmers, workers and soldiers - learn of their fascinating biology, life-cycle and behavioural aspects - and receive professional tips on how best protect your home from the world's best timber recycler ...

  2. Termite Pictures: Photo Gallery with Images | Western Pest ... › blog › termite-pictures

    Sep 03, 2019 · Termite Photo Gallery: Pictures of Termites for Home Identification Purposes What Does a Termite Look Like? There are more than 2,000 species of termites in the U.S. Though they have many characteristics in common, subtle differences help identify each type, and you can learn more about the details of these pests in the termite photos below.

  3. Pictures Of Termites In Texas - Termites Info › 2019 › 08

    Pictures Of Termites In Texas if you are looking for pictures of termites in texas you are coming to the right page. 10 november 2019 contains many images about pictures of termites in texas . Don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference or share to facebook / twitter if you like this page.

  4. How to Spot Termites: Termite Identification Pictures › news-hub › pest-articles

    Termite ID: How to Spot Termites in Your Home. Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the United States. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected for years—damage that isn’t covered by most homeowners insurance policies.

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  6. Termite Pictures: Species, Signs and Damage › termite-control › termite-pictures
    • Drywood Termites. Drywood termites get the moisture they need from the wood they consume and do not require it from the soil. Therefore, these termites live in the wood they’re consuming, above ground.
    • Formosan Termites. Formosan termites are a type of subterranean termite. These termites are more aggressive than other types of termites. Formosan termites are typically found in the southeastern United States and Hawaii.
    • Termite Swarmers. Termite swarmers are the reproductive termites of the colony. When conditions are right, swarmers fly away from their nest to mate and establish new colonies.
    • Discarded Wings. After termite swarmers mate and find a place to start a new colony, the termites shed their wings. The presence of flying termites or their discarded wings is a sign that there’s a termite infestation nearby and a good reason to get a professional termite inspection.
  7. Easy To Spot Termite Signs In Central Texas - The Bug Master ... › easy-to-spot-termite-signs-in

    Termite Swarmers or Discarded Termite Wings. Termite swarmers are a clear indication that there is a colony near your home or business. Swarmers look like winged ants and have two pairs of equal-length wings. Mature termite colonies, typically at least 5-7 years old tend to swarm around March or April in Central Texas.

  8. A Homeowner's Guide To Termites In Texas | ABC Blog › blog › termites-in-texas

    Jan 20, 2020 · Perhaps the most important thing for homeowners to remember is that subterranean termites cause 95 percent of termite damage—not just in Texas, but across the entire country. Because what they eat and where they live make them harder to detect than their drywood cousins, subterranean termites are often found much later, when a colony is more ...

  9. What do termites look like? Pictures, Size, Color & Look ... › termites › pictures-what-do-termites

    Dry wood termites can be distinguished from the others by the fact that they have relatively shorter legs. Just like the other termites, they have antennae that are straight. They also have a thick waist. Depending on whether the termite is a worker, a soldier or a reproducer, the color will vary from black to cream. Termite Pictures/Images

  10. Identify Termites - Identify Subterranean and Drywood Termites › termite_identification

    Formosan termites are also a species of subterranean termite that are common in areas of Louisiana, Texas and Florida. If you live more than 500 miles from the gulf coast, it is likely that your termites are subterranean .

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