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    A large plateau in North America is the Colorado Plateau, which covers about 337,000 km 2 (130,000 sq mi) in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. In northern Arizona and southern Utah the Colorado Plateau is bisected by the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

    • Formation

      Plateaus can be formed by a number of processes, including...

    • Classification

      Plateaus are classified according to their surrounding...

    • Large plateaus

      The largest and highest plateau in the world is the Tibetan...

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    " Plateau " is a song written by alternative rock band the Meat Puppets, which first appeared on their 1984 album Meat Puppets II. The song was popularized when the Meat Puppets performed it with the grunge band Nirvana during their famous 1993 MTV Unplugged appearance. This version appears on Nirvana's 1994 album MTV Unplugged in New York.

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    A plateau is an area of raised land that is flat on top. The biggest, tallest plateau in the world is the Tibetan Plateau. A plateau with a lot of erosion is called a disconnected plateau. A plateau that is also a volcano is called a volcanic plateau.

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    Plateau is the twelfth-largest state in Nigeria. Approximately in the centre of the country, it is geographically unique in Nigeria due to its boundaries of elevated hills surrounding the Jos Plateau [5] its capital, and the entire plateau itself.

    • 30,913 km² (11,936 sq mi)
    • Jos
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    Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was a Belgian physicist and mathematician. He was one of the first people to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image. To do this, he used counterrotating disks with repeating drawn images in small increments of motion on one and regularly spaced slits in the other. He called this device of 1832 the phenakistiscope.

    Plateau was born in Brussels. His father, Antoine Plateau born in Tournai, was a talented flower painter. At the age of six, the younger Plateau already could read, making him a child prodigy in those times. While attending primary school, he was particularly impressed by a lesson of physics; enchanted by the experiments he observed, he vowed to discover their secrets someday. Plateau spent his school holidays in Marche-les-Dames, with his uncle and his family; his cousin and playfellow was Augu

    Plateau studied at the University of Liège, where he graduated as a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in 1829. In 1827, Plateau became a teacher of mathematics at the "Atheneum" school in Brussels. In 1835, he was appointed Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Ghent University.

    In 1829, Plateau submitted his doctoral thesis to his mentor Adolphe Quetelet for advice. It contained only 27 pages but formulated a great number of fundamental conclusions. It contained the first results of his research into the effect of colours on the retina, his mathematical

    Plateau also studied the phenomena of capillary action and surface tension. The mathematical problem of existence of a minimal surface with a given boundary is named after him. He conducted extensive studies of soap films and formulated Plateau's laws, which describe the structur

    On 14 October 2019, the search engine Google commemorated Plateau with a Doodle on his 218th birth anniversary. This doodle was created by animator, filmmaker, and Doodler Olivia Huynh with inspiration and help from Diana Tran and Tom Tabanao. It is the first Google Doodle with different artwork showing up across different device displays—desktop, mobile, and the Google App.

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    The Colorado Plateau, also known as the Colorado Plateau Province, is a physiographic and desert region of the Intermontane Plateaus, roughly centered on the Four Corners region of the southwestern United States. This province covers an area of 336,700 km2 within western Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, southern and eastern Utah, northern Arizona, and a tiny fraction in the extreme southeast of Nevada. About 90% of the area is drained by the Colorado River and its main tributaries: the Green,

    This province is bounded by the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and by the Uinta Mountains and Wasatch Mountains branches of the Rockies in northern and central Utah. It is also bounded by the Rio Grande rift, Mogollon Rim and the Basin and Range Province. Isolated ranges of the Southern Rocky Mountains such as the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and the La Sal Mountains in Utah intermix into the central and southern parts of the Colorado Plateau. It is composed of six sections::367 1. Uinta Basin S

    The Ancestral Puebloan People lived in the region from roughly 2000 to 700 years ago.:374 A party from Santa Fe led by Fathers Dominguez and Escalante, unsuccessfully seeking an overland route to California, made a five-month out-and-back trip through much of the Plateau in 1776–1777. Despite having lost one arm in the American Civil War, U.S. Army Major and geologist John Wesley Powell explored the area in 1869 and 1872. Using wooden oak boats and small groups of men the Powell ...

    One of the most geologically intriguing features of the Colorado Plateau is its remarkable stability. Relatively little rock deformation such as faulting and folding has affected this high, thick crustal block within the last 600 million years or so, although there are some newer features such as the Waterpocket Fold of Capitol Reef. In contrast, provinces that have suffered severe deformation surround the plateau. Mountain building thrust up the Rocky Mountains to the north and east and tremend

    The Colorado Plateau is covered with dry grasslands and shrublands, open pinyon-juniper woodland, and mountain woodlands and forests.

    Electrical power generation is one of the major industries that takes place in the Colorado Plateau region. Most electrical generation comes from coal fired power plants. The rocks of the Colorado Plateau are a source of oil and a major source of natural gas. Major petroleum deposits are present in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado, the Uinta Basin of Utah, the Piceance Basin of Colorado, and the Paradox Basin of Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. The Colorado Plateau holds major uranium d

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Plateau (formerly called Rodin Gallery) was an art gallery in South Korea on Taepyeongno street in Jongno-gu, a central district of Seoul. The gallery contained sculptures of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917). It opened on the first floor of Samsung Life Insurance building on May 14, 1999, as 'Rodin Gallery'.

    • May 14, 1999
    • 1st Floor, Samsung Life Insurance Building, Taepyeongno 2-ga, Joong-gu, 100-716 Seoul, Korea
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    Borrowed from French plateau, diminutive of plat (“a plate”); see plate.


    1. (UK) IPA(key): /ˈplætəʊ/ 2. (US) IPA(key): /plæˈtoʊ/ 3. Homophones: plateaux 4. Rhymes: -əʊ


    plateau (plural plateaus or plateaux) 1. A largely level expanse of land at a high elevation; tableland. 2. A comparatively stable level in something that varies.quotations ▼ 2.1. 2008 May 28, Tara Parker-Pope, “Hint of Hope as Child Obesity Rate Hits Plateau”, in The New York Times‎, ISSN 0362-4331: 2.1.1. Childhood obesity, rising for more than two decades, appears to have hit a plateau, a potentially significant milestone in the battle against excessive weight gain among children. 3. (date...


    Borrowed from French plateau, diminutive of plat (“a plate”); see English plate.


    1. IPA(key): /plaːˈtoː/ 2. Hyphenation: pla‧teau 3. Rhymes: -oː


    plateau n (plural plateaus, diminutive plateautje n) 1. plateau (level expanse of land) 1.1. Synonym: hoogvlakte 2. plateau (comparatively stable level) 3. plateau (tray) (Southern)


    plat +‎ -eau


    1. IPA(key): /


    plateau m (plural plateaux) 1. flat area 2. tray 3. (geography) plateau 4. stage (in theatre); set(of television broadcast) 5. (cycling) chainring

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    The plateau is located between two mountain ranges, the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, each of which rises from its respective nearby coastal plain, and almost converge at the southern tip of India. It is separated from the Gangetic plain to the north by the Satpura and Vindhya Ranges, which form its northern boundary.

    • 600 m (2,000 ft)
    • .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}17°N 77°E / 17°N 77°E
    • Dakkan, Dakkhin, Dakkhan
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    PLATEAU VIEWERとは、PLATEAUのデータをプレビューできるブラウザベースのwebアプリケーションである。PLATEAU VIEWERで建物内で歩行空間が認識できるレベル(LOD4モデル、Interior Mode)が実装されているエリアは以下の通り。 1. 羽田エリア 2. 東京ポートシティ竹芝 3. クイーンズスクエア横浜 4. 虎ノ門ヒルズ

    2021年2月19日 - PLATEAU VIEWに東京ポートシティ竹芝のLOD4モデルを追加
    2021年2月26日 - PLATEAU VIEWにクイーンズスクエア横浜のLOD4モデルを追加


    1. 開催日:2021年1月16日 2. オンライン開催 2.1. グランプリ「ヘキメン -建物壁面の市場創出プラットホーム-」(しゃきるとん★せな) 2.2. 準グランプリ「TOKYO SURVIVAL」 2.3. 審査員特別賞「Energize the New World」


    1. 開催日:2021年2月13日実用レベルの災害人流シミュレーションに驚き 審査員もうなる実装が続々現れた3D都市モデルハッカソン 2. オンライン開催 2.1. グランプリ(影の功労者) 2.2. 準グランプリ「TOKYO SURVIVAL」(TOKYO SURVIVAL) 2.3. 審査員奨励賞(GOLGOs) 2.4. オーディエンス賞(チームRTG)

    PLATEAU Business Challenge 2021

    1. 開催日:2021年6月26日・27日 2. 開催場所:CIC東京 2.1. グランプリ「車窓からAR」(車窓からAR) 2.2. 準グランプリ「ビル風発電ステーション」(ムササビ) 2.3. 審査員特別賞「リアル店舗連動型インフルエンサーARライブ コマース」(Nice Guys)

    PLATEAU [プラトー]
    国交省「PLATEAU」の衝撃 | 日経クロステック(xTECH) (
    Society 5.0 - 科学技術政策 - 内閣府 (
    【初心者向け】Society 5.0を徹底解説!定義・技術・事例まで - ビジネスWebマガジン「Future Stride」|ソフトバンク (
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