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      • Aaloo Mian is a famous Urdu poem for children which has been visualized with beautiful animated characters by Aao Urdu Seekhain. This lovely Urdu poem tells the story of a cute little Aaloo Mian (a potato) who was sleeping peacefully in a vegetable basket when he was playfully disturbed by an aubergine and comforted by a sweet carrot.
  1. Islamic Poem (Cartoons) for Kids | Compilation | Morning Poem | Urdu Nursery Rhymes for Children | Animated Urdu Moral Stories for Kids | Kids 3D Cartoon | K...

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  2. LATEST POETRY اردو نیوٹن بھیا ہمیں ٹینشن نہ دو نیوٹن بھیا بس ہمیں ٹینشن نہ دو سیب کھاؤپیارے، ری ایکشن نہ دو.. آصف وسیع صدیقی جھوٹ سے ہونا ترا بیزر اچھی بات ہے جھوٹ سے ہونا ترا بیزر اچھی بات ہے سچ کی بھاشا بولنا سرکار اچھی بات ہے.. غضنفر ہم شیطان کو بھگائیں گے ہم شیطان کو بھگائیں گے دور بھگائیں گے.. Adnan میرے خدا، میرے خدا میرے خدا، میرے خدا

  3. Jan 01, 2019 · Utho Beta Ankhain Kholo, Bistaar choro Mu haath Dhoo Lou, Jaldi jagana acha hai, Waqat pay khana acha hai” The moral of the poem is early to bed, early to rise. So, if anyone of us taught this Urdu poem to our kids, they could learn this that if they rise early and eat on time would be beneficial for their health. Aik Kaw’wa Piyasa tha

  4. Mar 09, 2018 · by urdumom “Kis ne banaya machli ko” is one of the fun Urdu poems for kids that I used to sing at school as a child myself and now love it when my children sing it with me. Do checkout this video where Hussein also makes his first appearance on our YouTube channel:

  5. Dec 17, 2017 · Dost hain is ke sabzi aur boti, Naan aur paratha hain is ke bhai, Khoob barhta hai jis ne roti khaye “ And here are lyrics written in urdu script: یہ ہے پیاری سی ایک روٹی، دوست ہیں اس کے سبزی اور بوٹی، نان اور پراٹھا ہیں اس کے بھائی، خوب بڑھتا ہے جس نے روٹی کھائی۔ Key Learning Points – Urdu Poems for Kids

  6. Watch this cute little rhyme about sweet and choti si munni with her lal gulabi chunni! Check out the rest of the collection! Sing along, learn and enjoy!SUB...

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