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  1. Solved Examples Example 1: Find the distance of the point from the origin on a number line. Solution: The distance of the point -10 from the origin, i.e., 0 on a number line =10 units 2. Find the distance of the point (0, -7) from the origin. Solution: The distance of (0, -7) from (0, 0)=-7=7 units 3. What is the origin of the Cartesian Plane?

  2. In mathematics, the origin of a Euclidean space is a special point, usually denoted by the letter O, used as a fixed point of reference for the geometry of the surrounding space. In physical problems, the choice of origin is often arbitrary, meaning any choice of origin will ultimately give the same answer.

  3. Introduction to Lines in Coordinate Geometry Line (Coordinate Geometry) Ray (Coordinate Geometry) Segment (Coordinate Geometry) Midpoint Theorem Distance from a point to a line - When line is horizontal or vertical - Using two line equations - Using trigonometry - Using a formula Intersecting lines Cirumscribed rectangle (bounding box)

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  5. In Euclidean geometry, a point is a primitive notion upon which geometry is built. Being a primitive notion means that a point cannot be defined in terms of previously defined objects. In particular, the geometric points do not have length, area, volume, or any other dimensional attribute.

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