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      • Synonyms & Antonyms of origins 1 a point or place at which something is invented or provided the origins of human language remain a matter of considerable debate Synonyms for origins cradles, fonts, fountainheads, fountains, roots, seedbeds, sources, springs, wells, wellsprings 2 the source from which something grows or develops
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  2. Synonyms for Point of origin source n. origin n. wellspring root departure point place of origin area of origin areas of origin as a point of departure as a springboard as a starting point at origin cause of the fire countries of origin country of origin departure location departure points entry point extraction point geographical indications

  3. as a point of departure. as a springboard. as a starting point. at origin. cause of the fire. countries of origin. country of origin. departure location. departure points.

  4. synonyms for origin Compare Synonyms ancestor ancestry connection element influence motive provenance root source agent antecedent author base causality causation creator derivation determinant egg embryo fountain generator germ impulse inception inducement inspiration mainspring nucleus occasion parent parentage principle producer progenitor

  5. The meaning of POINT OF ORIGIN is the place where something comes from : the place where something originates. How to use point of origin in a sentence.

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