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  1. Pokémon Showdown, often formatted as Pokémon Showdown!, is a popular competitive Pokémon simulator. It was created by Zarel and opened in October of 2011, but it was not until July 2, 2012 that it was adopted as Smogon's official battle simulator.

  2. Mar 8, 2012 · Tweets. Replies. Media. Pokémon Showdown. @PokemonShowdown. ·. May 30. Pokémon Home has been released and Pokemon Showdown has been updated to reflect this! This means that you'll now be able to use pokemon like Arcanine-Hisui, Kleavor, and Regieleki on the ladder in Generation 9 formats!

  3. Jul 2, 2012 · Pokémon Showdown, also often formatted as Pokémon Showdown!, is a web-based Pokémon battle simulator. It is free open source software written in TypeScript and JavaScript , with its server infrastructure designed to run on Node.js .

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