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  1. Apr 01, 2021 · Belarus is a small, land-locked country next door to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. According to Wikipedia, one of its major exports is cattle by-products. Which begs the question, what horrible shape are the cattle in, if all they're good for is felt hats and wallpaper paste? But Belarus does have a bustling TV production industry.

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    5 days ago · Hello Wikipedians, my name is Alex and I am working for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2011 Fundraiser. This year's fundraiser is intended to be a collaborative and global effort; we recognize that messages which may perform well in the United States don't necessarily translate well, or appeal to international audiences.

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    Vatican City State Status Civitatis Vaticanae (Latin) Stato della Città del Vaticano (Italian) Flag Coat of arms Anthem: Inno e Marcia Pontificale (Italian) "Pontifical Anthem and March" Location of Vatican City (green) in Europe (dark grey) – [Legend] Capital and largest city Vatican City (city-state) 41°54′09″N 12°27′09″E  /  41.90250°N 12.45250°E  / 41.90250; 12 ...

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    5 days ago · Hello! I am a Polish wikipedian and I would like to ask you for your help - writing a new article about former Polish President who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 – Lech Wałęsa. I have looked for his biography in your Wikipedia but without success. Polish Wikipedians will be grateful for your help. Thank you so much in advance!

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    2 days ago · Etimologia del termine. La parola italiana libro deriva dal latino liber.Il vocabolo originariamente significava anche "corteccia", ma visto che era un materiale usato per scrivere testi (in libro scribuntur litterae, Plauto), in seguito per estensione la parola ha assunto il significato di "opera letteraria".

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    5 days ago · Ronald Wilson Reagan (/ ˈ r ɒ n əl d ˈ w ɪ l s ən ˈ r eɪ ɡ ən /; February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was an American actor and politician.He was the 40th President of the United States from January 20, 1981 to January 20, 1989.

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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full-length animated feature movie made in English and Technicolor (not counting the Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons), and won an Academy Award for Walt Disney as a huge movie which has charmed millions and started a great new form of entertainment.

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    The Beatles [ð ə ˈ b i ː t ə l z] [3] est un quatuor musical britannique originaire de Liverpool, en Angleterre.Le noyau du groupe se forme avec les Quarrymen fondés par John Lennon en 1957, il adopte son nouveau nom en 1960 et, à partir de 1962, prend sa configuration définitive, composé de John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison et, le dernier à se joindre, Ringo Starr.

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    Apr 05, 2021 · SüngerBob KareŞort veya SüngerBob KarePantolon (özgün adı SpongeBob SquarePants), Nickelodeon kanalı için deniz biyolojisi eğitimcisi ve animatör Stephen Hillenburg tarafından yaratılmış bir Amerikan animasyon komedi televizyon dizisidir.

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