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  1. DEMOCRATIC PARTY 1828 Andrew Jackson (southern and northern) DONKEY WHIG PARTY Nat'l Republicans REPUBLICAN PARTY 1854 Abe Lincoln (ELEPHANT) G.O.P Functions of Political Parties -Nominate Candidates -Inform Voters -Ensure candidates are qualified -Help govern in Congress and State Legislatures

  2. The first American political party division in the United States was between a- the Democratic Party and Republican Party b- the Whigs and the Democratic c- the Federalist and Anti Federalist d- the Liberty and Free Soil Party c The Federalists were a- led by Hamilton and Adams b- supported the adoption of the U.S. Constitution

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  4. The Democratic and Republican national party committees are the central authorities for the two major American parties. Party in the electorate are those members of the voting public who consider themselves to be part of a political party and/or who consistently prefer the candidates of one party over the other.

  5. American political parties are tightly organized pyramid-shaped organizations with national chairperson dictating policy to lower levels False The most successful third party in the United States was the Socialist Party under the leadership of Eugene Debs False Minor parties have not played an important role in American politics False

  6. Political parties in the United States originated partly as a political feud between... A. Marshall and Adams. B. Adams and Jackson. C. Lincoln and Douglas. D. Cleveland and Bryan. E. Hamilton and Jefferson. E. Hamilton and Jefferson. The first American political parties emerged from the conflict between... A. slave states and free states.

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