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    • Atomic Whirlpool. How to play: Tell players to get in the pool and line up in a single-file line along the edge of the pool. First, tell the players to walk around the edge of the pool.
    • Basketball and Volleyball. What you’ll need: A volleyball or a basketball. A net or a hoop. How to play: Whether it’s one-on-one or team play, games like basketball and volleyball are even more fun when played in the pool.
    • Belly Flop Contest. How to play: Each player takes a dive into the pool, showing off their biggest, loudest, most awkward belly flop. The diver who gets the most applause (or laughter) for their belly flop wins!
    • Bumper Balls. What you’ll need: A beach ball. A rope or cord. How to play: Place the rope across a section of the pool. Give each player a beach ball. When you say “Go,” players use their beach balls to bump each other into the rope.
  1. It would also be a great game to play before getting into the pool to help them get wet! 2. Marco Polo One of the most widely known pool party games is Marco Polo. How to play: Choose one person to be “it”. That person goes to one end of the pool and closes their eyes. The person who is “it” counts to 10 and shouts “Marco”.

  2. May 02, 2018 · Grab about 10 pool noodles and cut them into about foot long sections each. Stack them like you would a Jenga game on top of the water and try to play. It was a hoot. 11. Tug of war Take a beloved land game and make it one of your new favorite pool party games! Tug of war, but swimming.

  3. Mar 09, 2022 · Let’s get started with our list of games. Pool Volleyball This pool party game’s for adults who enjoy the competitive spirit. Divide your pool into half with a net down the middle and split into two equal teams. The first team with the ball needs to hit it across the net, for the other team to hit back.

  4. Pool party games specially selected for both adults and kids to enjoy at any time of the year. So whether you’re a fan of the classics like Marco Polo, or want something more exciting, like a glowstick diving competition, this post is for you. Keep reading for plenty of ideas on which games to play at your next pool party.

  5. Apr 28, 2021 · Here are some more fun games to play at your pool party. These are all games you can play outside of the pool itself, either on the deck or the backyard. Even though it’s a pool party doesn’t mean everyone will want to get in the pool. Here are some great options for friends who can’t swim or just need a break from swimming and splashing around.

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