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  1. Post-punk - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Post-punk is a diverse genre that emerged from the cultural milieu of punk rock in the late 1970s. Originally called "new musick", the terms were first used by various writers in the late 1970s to describe groups moving beyond punk's garage rock template and into disparate areas.

    • Late 1970s; United Kingdom
    • Refers to certain developments after punk, although some groups predate the movement.
  2. Post-punk - Wikipedia

    Feb 22, 2021 · Il post-punk, a cui ci si riferiva originariamente con il termine new musick, è un termine ombrello che si riferisce a una vasta gamma di tipologie del rock emerse dal movimento punk degli anni settanta, in cui gli artisti presero le distanze dalla semplicità e dal tradizionalismo del punk rock, per adottare soluzioni e sensibilità più tipicamente avanguardiste.

  3. Punk rock - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Punk rock (or simply punk) is a music genre that emerged in the mid-1970s. Rooted in 1960s garage rock, punk bands rejected the perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock.. They typically produced short, fast-paced songs with hard-edged melodies and singing styles, stripped-down instrumentation, and often shouted political, anti-establishment lyri

  4. Alternative rock - Wikipedia

    Feb 25, 2021 · The term's original meaning was broader, referring to a generation of musicians unified by their collective debt to either the musical style or simply the independent, DIY ethos of punk rock, which in the late 1970s laid the groundwork for alternative music.

  5. Indie rock - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock or "guitar pop rock".

  6. Gothic rock - Wikipedia

    Feb 21, 2021 · The first post-punk bands which shifted towards dark music with gothic overtones include Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus, and the Cure. The genre itself was defined as a separate movement from post-punk.

  7. Steampunk - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Japanese steampunk consists of steampunk manga comics and anime productions from Japan. Steampunk elements have consistently appeared in mainstream manga since the 1940s, dating back to Osamu Tezuka's epic science-fiction trilogy consisting of Lost World (1948), Metropolis (1949) and Nextworld (1951).

  8. Shoegaze - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Shoegaze (sometimes called "dream pop") is a subgenre of indie and alternative rock that emerged in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. It is characterized by its ethereal mixture of obscured vocals, guitar distortion and effects, feedback, and overwhelming volume.

  9. Mean - Wikipedia

    Feb 18, 2021 · There are several kinds of mean in mathematics, especially in statistics: . For a data set, the arithmetic mean, also known as average or arithmetic average, is a central value of a finite set of numbers: specifically, the sum of the values divided by the number of values.

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