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  1. Post-punk - Wikipedia

    Post-punk is a diverse genre that emerged from the cultural milieu of punk rock in the late 1970s. Originally called "new musick", the terms were first used by various writers in the late 1970s to describe groups moving beyond punk's garage rock template and into disparate areas.

    • Late 1970s; United Kingdom
    • Refers to certain developments after punk, although some groups predate the movement.
  2. Slang - Wikipedia

    Its use implies that the user is familiar with whatever is referred to, or with a group of people who are familiar with it and use the term. "It's a taboo term in ordinary discourse with people of a higher social status or greater responsibility." It replaces "a well-known conventional synonym."

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  4. Slang dictionary - Wikipedia

    A slang dictionary is a reference book containing an alphabetical list of slang, which is vernacular vocabulary not generally acceptable in formal usage, usually including information given for each word, including meaning, pronunciation, and etymology.

  5. Karen (pejorative) - Wikipedia

    Karen is a pejorative term for a woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term also refers to memes depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way.

  6. Urban Dictionary: wikipedia

    Savior of high school students everywhere. A project to create the most accurate and complete free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Written as a collaboration of users across the Internet.

  7. PUNK | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    a culture popular among young people, especially in the late 1970s, involving opposition to authority expressed through shocking behavior, clothes, and hair, and fast, loud music [ C ] (also punk rocker) a person who wears punk clothes and likes punk music SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

  8. Becky (slang) - Wikipedia

    According to Damon Young in The Root, the term denotes "a certain type of privileged young White woman who exists in a state of racial obliviousness that shifts from intentionally clueless to intentionally condescending".

  9. Urban Dictionary: punk

    According to a 1950's slang dictionary the true root for the label "punk" was "a young male companion of a sodomite." That boy in the red light district on the corner is nothing but a punk. by Genii January 11, 2008

  10. Definition of gutter punk - The Online Slang Dictionary

    gutter punk: [noun] a younger punk who is homeless or pretends to be homeless. Citation from " Punks invade Williamsburg as heroin-addicted hobos set up shop in trendy Brooklyn neighborhood ", , Ben Chapman and Elizabeth Hays, July 14 2009 blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against this site . See more words with the same ...

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