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  2. List of power pop artists and songs - Wikipedia

    Power pop is a music genre which is a more aggressive form of pop rock. Although its mainstream success peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the genre continues to influence new artists. The following list is divided in two sections.

    "Burn Baby Burn" • "Does Your Mother Know" • "Insects" • "Kung Fu" • "Shining Light"
    "Baby Blue" • "Day After Day" • "Know One Knows" • "No Matter What"
  3. Power Pop Bands | List of Best Power Pop Artists/Groups

    Aug 19, 2019 · The best power pop bands have catchy hooks, quick songs that are easily to remember and seamless blend between hard rock and regular old melodic pop music. Generally, the best power pop bands made their impact in the late 1970s and 1980s and were generally of the new wave and punk rock variety.

    • What is the Power Pop Music Genre? | + My Top 10 Favorite Power Pop Albums! 💥🎸🎶
    • The Producers - What She Does To Me (Lost Gem_1981)
    • Too Late - Shoes
    • The Beat "Rock N Roll Girl"
  4. Top power pop artists |

    Big Star is an American power pop band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1971 by Alex Chilton (1950 – 2010), Chris Bell (1951 – 1978), Jody Stephens…

  5. Power pop - Wikipedia

    Power pop (also typeset as powerpop) is a form of pop rock based on the early music of bands such as the Who, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Byrds. It originated in the mid 1960s as young music fans began to rebel against the emerging pretensions of rock music, and developed mainly among American musicians who came of age during the British Invasion.

    • Late 1960s, United States and United Kingdom
  6. Power Pop Music Genre Overview | AllMusic

    Power-pop bands happened to emerge around the same time of punk, so they were swept along with the new wave because their brief, catchy songs fit into the post-punk aesthetic. Out of these bands, Cheap Trick, the Knack, the Romantics, and Dwight Twilley had the biggest hits, but the Shoes, the Records, the Nerves, and 20/20, among many others ...

  7. 10 Essential Power Pop Albums – Treble
    • The Raspberries – The Raspberries. (1972; Capitol) The origins of power pop go all the way back to the ’60s, with the influence of garage rock and “bubblegum” pop feeding into a more cranked-up, amps-cranked brand of pop music.
    • Big Star – Radio City. (1974; Ardent) Few flawless rock albums were ever as ill-fated from the start as the golden second album from Memphis’ Big Star. Co-frontman Chris Bell left soon after recording started, leaving them a trio under the guidance of Alex Chilton, an already fatigued music veteran at the age of 23.
    • Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action. (1976; Sire) Power pop has in large part come to be known mostly for its most prominent American acts, even though some of its best (and most underrated) acts were British, like The Records, responsible for the incredible single “Starry Eyes.”
    • The Cars – The Cars. (1978; Elektra) It’s a strange fact that three members of The Cars—Ric Ocasek, Benjamin Orr and Jas Goodkind—started out in a folk-rock group called Milkwood.
  8. Power Pop: New Guide to 200 Best Albums ... - Best Classic Bands

    The best of the long-lasting musical sub-genre known as “power pop”—short, snappy tunes that owe a debt to artists such as the Beatles and the Who and are fed by ringing guitars, vocal harmonies and memorable melodies—is examined in author John M. Borack’s upcoming book, Shake Some Action 2.0: An Updated Guide to the 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums, 1970-2017.

  9. This is it, folks! The culmination of 15 years worth of research, interviews, and music critiques. I am nearly finished with a NEW book that will be the “modern guide to power pop music.” This book exclusively looks at power pop bands from 2006 up till today. It is LOADED with reviews, rare artist conversations, and more.

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