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      • A prayer to Jegudiel as the Patron Saint of hard work and leadership is as follows: Saint Jegudiel the Archangel, angel of praise to God, pray for us, that in every act, in every job, in every work, and in every labor we may constantly carry out the will of the Lord gladly and in praise for all He has given us. Amen.
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    A prayer to Iehudiel as the Patron Saint of God's Mercy follows as: O merciful Archangel, St. Iehudiel, dispenser of God’s eternal and abundant Mercy. Because of our sinfulness, we do not deserve God’s forgiveness. Yet, He continually grants us forbearance freely and lovingly.

    • 8 November
  3. May 4, 2018 · Archangel Jehudiel (who is also called Jegudiel) is known as the angel of work. He often guides and encourages people who pray for his help starting a new project, looking for a new job, or seeking inspiration in their current work. Jehudiel especially focuses on helping people who want to serve God through their work, whatever their profession ...

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  4. Feb 24, 2019 · People pray for Jehudiel's help to figure out which career is best for them, according to their God-given interests and talents, as well as God's purposes for how they should contribute to the world. They also seek help from Jehudiel to find a good job -- one in which they can do useful and fulfilling work while also earning the income they need.

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  5. Jegudiel is also known as the bearer of God's merciful love. As one of the seven archangels in the system, which pairs each archangel with a specific day of the week and attribute—Jegudiel...

    • Angela Guzman
  6. Jegudiel is the patron saint of all people who devote their activity to God. Together with his army of angels, he helps people in difficult situation. There’s also a belief that Jegudiel is the patron saint of kings, judges and priests. The Archangel also takes under his wing those who promote and strengthen faith.

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