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      • The prefix "nano" in the term nanosecond stands for one-billionth of the basic unit second. This unit belongs to the International System of Units (SI). There are other numerous SI time units that represent a fraction of a second.
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    22 hours ago · UTF-8. UTF-8 is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. Defined by the Unicode Standard, the name is derived from Unicode (or Universal Coded Character Set) Transformation Format – 8-bit. [1] UTF-8 is capable of encoding all 1,112,064 [nb 1] valid character code points in Unicode using one to four one- byte (8 ...

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    22 hours ago · Botswana ( / bɒtˈswɑːnə / ( listen), also UK: / bʊt -, bʊˈtʃw -/ [15] ), officially the Republic of Botswana ( Setswana: Lefatshe la Botswana, [lɪˈfatsʰɪ la bʊˈtswana] ), is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Botswana is topographically flat, with up to 70 percent of its territory being the Kalahari Desert.

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    22 hours ago · v. t. e. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality, the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, causality, necessity, and possibility. [1] It includes questions about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and ...

  4. Sep 25, 2022 · SUFFIXES Suffix and prefix. A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word to create a new meaning. Study the suffix rules in the following boxes. Rule 1. When adding the suffixes –ness and –ly to a word, the spelling of the word does not change. Examples: dark + ness = darkness; scholar + ly = scholarly; Examples: ready + ly = readily

  5. 1 day ago · Government vehicles all have the prefix "BX", these number plates have a white reflective background with red lettering at the front and white on red at the rear. After 'BX' are the last two numerals of the date of issue and then up to four serial numbers. Botswana Defence Force vehicles have the prefix "BDF" in white on an 'army' green background.

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    22 hours ago · According to the Dalai Lama, the Sanskrit language is a parent language that is at the foundation of many modern languages of India and the one that promoted Indian thought to other distant countries. In Tibetan Buddhism, states the Dalai Lama, Sanskrit language has been a revered one and called legjar lhai-ka or "elegant language of the gods ...

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