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    • Chances of getting pregnant at age 30

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      • Your chances of conceiving within a year are about 75 percent. But fertility wanes as you age, so in your late 30s, your chance of getting pregnant within a year drops to 65 percent.
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  2. Pregnancy over age 30 When planning a pregnancy: If you are planning to become pregnant, taking certain steps can help reduce risks to both you and your baby. Proper health before deciding to become pregnant is almost as important as maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy. The first few weeks are crucial in a child's development.

  3. Risks of Pregnancy Over Age 30 . Many women wait until later in life to have children. In the U.S., birth rates for women in their 30s are at the highest levels in 4 decades. But an older mother may be at increased risk for things such as: Miscarriage . Birth defects. Twins. High blood pressure. Gestational diabetes. Difficult labor

  4. Jul 03, 2020 · The test results tell you about the likelihood of your baby being born with a genetic problem. According to the National Down Syndrome Society, a woman at age 30 has a 1 in 940 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. By age 35, the risk goes up to 1 in 353. As you enter your 40s, the risk approaches 1 in 85. 4 .

  5. Dec 02, 2020 · Mothers over age 30 should prepare for the possible physical and emotional consequences of pregnancy loss. Studies show that the risk of miscarriage is lowest in mothers ages 25 to 29 and rises rapidly after age 30 .

  6. Jul 20, 2021 · Keep in mind that women older than age 30 can have successful pregnancies and deliveries. Advances in medical care for both mother and baby can help prevent and treat many of the risks they face. “Early and regular prenatal care is key to having a healthy baby at any age,” Dr. Ragsdale says.

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