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  1. Jan 23, 2023 · Simple Present Tense Examples: Questions Do you have a car? Yes, I do

  2. The 4 Present Tenses: Examples Uses; simple present tense: I go. I like chocolate. The train ...

  3. Examples of Present Tense: Rock wants to sing. Bill writes the letters. Peter is coming to our place. Bob has given the book to Allen. I am going to the varsity. Aric loves to read books. Lisa has been living in this area for twenty years. The singer is singing nicely. The program is going on ...

  4. Some examples of present perfect continuous tense are, My hands are very dirty as I have been painting the walls. They have been trying to contact her. I have been working for them for the last seven months. The party has been going on all night. Solved Example for You Q: We ________in Chennai for six months. (a) Had been living (b) Living

  5. There are four present tense forms: We can use all these forms: to talk about the present: London is the capital of Britain. He works at McDonald’s. He is working at McDonald's. He has worked there for three months now. He has been working there for three months now. to talk about the future: The next train leaves this evening at 17.00.

  6. Examples of the Present Simple The sun sets in the west. We produce lasers for cosmetic surgery. They move into their new home next week. So, I go to Mr. D and say “I deserve a better mark in this class”. Jones stops in mid-court and passes the ball to Schuster. Forming the Present Simple Time Expressions in the Present Simple

  7. Oct 27, 2020 · For example: I am swimming I am dreaming I am washing I am crying I am laughing I am eating

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