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  1. And to this day, Woodward can describe in detail some of Herblock’s sharpest cartoons about Watergate — a half-century after burglars connected to President Richard M. Nixon’s reelection ...

  2. This collection includes nine political cartoons about Richard Nixon's presidency and the Watergate scandal, as well as a cartoon analysis worksheet from the National Archives and Record Administration and a link to more cartoons about Nixon at the Library of Congress.

  3. Starting in 1973, Block published a number of cartoons that kept the public updated on the unfolding scandal. In June 1973, the first of Nixon’s advisors accused the president of involvement in the cover up of the break-in at the Watergate office complex, the location of the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

  4. Portion of a larger Paul Conrad cartoon from the 1970s showing President Richard Nixon caught up in a Watergate spider web. Paul Conrad, an American political cartoonist who distinguished himself in the 1970s by being named to President Richard Nixon’s infamous “enemies list,” did his best with his art to get under Nixon’s skin.

  5. Cartoon Portrayals of The Watergate Scandal. When Richard Nixon was first accused of orchestrating Watergate, he immediately denied any affiliation with the event, but before he would have been officially impeached, he resigned as President of The United States. In the political cartoon to the left investigators are looking into footprints ...

  6. July 27, 1973 After President Richard Nixon refused to turn over tapes alleged to contain conversations about Watergate to Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, Nixon claimed that “executive privilege” allowed him to keep the tapes private. His position set the stage for court battles. October 23, 1973

  7. Watergate Scandal cartoons and comics. 9 results. richard nixon watergate donald trump nixon president trump impeachment political scandal political scandals u.s. politics us politics.

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