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    Biography From Christianity to Heresy and backwards. Prijezda was originally a Roman Catholic Christian, but he converted to Bogomilism later on. According to the Pope's letter to Ban Matej Ninoslav, he converted back to Catholicism during Matej's reign.

  2. Prijezda I (pronounced [prǐjezda] (1211–1287) was a Bosnian Ban as a vassal of the Hungarian Kingdom, reigning 1250–1287. He was probably the founder of the House of Kotromanić.

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    It has also been speculated that Kotroman might have been a son of Bosnian Ban Prijezda I. Biography Before Banate. Since 1287, when his father, Ban Prijezda I withdrew from power, Kotroman ruled jointly as Ban of Bosnia with another son of Prijezda I, Prijezda II. Kotroman separated the country with Prijezda II, and took eastern Bosnia.

  5. 1230s - Wikipedia

    King Andrew II of Hungary proclaims herzeg Coloman as Ban of Bosnia, who passes it on to Prijezda, a cousin of Ban Matej Ninoslav (1234 to 1239), despite Matej being the legitimate Ban of Bosnia. Sancho II of Portugal conquers the cities of Aljustrel and Mértola from the Muslims.

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    Miloš Obilić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милош Обилић, pronounced [mîloʃ ôbilit͡ɕ]; died 15 June 1389) is a legendary Serbian knight who is reputed to have been in the service of Prince Lazar during the Ottoman invasion of Serbia in the late 14th century.

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    Biography Early rule. Before his rule, early in his life, Ninoslav was an opposer of the Bogumils, a faithful Hungarian supporter and a pious Catholic Christian.Entering his rule, Matej Ninoslav forcibly replaced his predecessor, Stjepan Kulinić with the help of the adherents of the Bosnian Church, which caused bad relations with Rascia for deposing the legitimate dynasty, which was related ...

  8. hedwig of poland : définition de hedwig of poland et ...

    One of Louis' original plans had been to leave the kingdom of Poland to Mary, whose marriage with Sigismund was more relevant to this end as Sigismund was an heir in his own right to Poland and was intended to inherit Brandenburg, which was nearer to Poland than to Hungary. Jadwiga's destiny as Austrian consort was a better fit for Hungary, as ...

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    Maria, (1371 – 17 Mei 1395), merupakan Ratu Hongaria dan Kroasia yang memerintah pada sekitar tahun 1382 dan 1385, dan dari tahun 1386 sampai kematiannya. Ia adalah putri Lajos yang Agung, Raja Hongaria dan Polandia, dan istrinya, Elizabeta dari Bosnia.

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