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  1. Miloš Obilić - Wikipediaš_Obilić

    5 days ago · Miloš Obilić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милош Обилић, pronounced [mîloʃ ôbilit͡ɕ]; died 15 June 1389) is a legendary Serbian knight who is reputed to have been in the service of Prince Lazar during the Ottoman invasion of Serbia in the late 14th century.

    • Miloš Kobilac, Miloš Kobilović, Miloš Kobilić
    • The assassination of Ottoman Sultan Murad I
  2. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia

    7 hours ago · Jadwiga (Polish: [jadˈvʲiɡa] (); 1373 or 1374 – 17 July 1399), also known as Hedwig (Hungarian: Hedvig), was the first female monarch of the Kingdom of Poland, reigning from 16 October 1384 until her death.

  3. Ivan Kosančić - Wikipediačić

    3 days ago · Ivan Kosančić was a Serbian knight who died during the historical Battle of Kosovo in 1389.. Biography. He was born in the upper Toplica region (south Serbia)- mountain Radan, near the town of Kuršumlija.

  4. Skenderbeg Crnojević - Wikipediać

    2 days ago · Life. Staniša (nickname: "Stanko") was born in Upper Zeta (corresponding roughly to the southern half of Cetinje municipality, Montenegro), which at the time was a nominal vassal of the Republic of Venice, under Great Voivode Stefan I Crnojević (r. 1451–1465), Stanko's grandfather.

    • Staniša Crnojević
    • Venetian (before 1485), Ottoman (after 1485)
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