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  1. Former German nobility in the Nazi Party - Wikipedia › wiki › German_nobility_in_Nazi

    Prince Ernest Augustus, 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. Ernst August, Crown Prince of Hanover, was the only son of George V of Hanover and Marie of Saxe-Altenburg. Although he was the senior male-line great-grandson of George III, the Duke of Cumberland was deprived of his British peerages and honours for having sided with Germany in ...

  2. Prince Arthur of Connaught - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader › en › Prince_Arthur_of_Connaught

    Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover, 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, was the eldest child and only son of George V of Hanover and his wife, Marie of Saxe-Altenburg. Ernst August was deprived of the thrones of Hanover upon its annexation by Prussia in 1866 and later the Duchy of Brunswick in 1884.

  3. List of knights and ladies of the Garter - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Knights_of_the_Garter

    Prince Ernest Augustus: 1771–1851 1786 Royal Knight; later Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale and King of Hanover 603 Prince Augustus Frederick: 1773–1843 1786 Royal Knight; later Duke of Sussex 604 Prince Adolphus Frederick: 1774–1850 1786 Royal Knight; later Duke of Cambridge 605 William IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel: 1743–1821 1786 606

  4. Knights of the Garter, 1694-present - › sociopolitica › sociopo

    769 (inv 1878) Prince Ernest Augustus William Adolphus George Frederick of Hanover (1845-1923). 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. Son of George V, King of Hanover. Son of George V, King of Hanover.

  5. Peerage of Great Britain - Wikipedia › wiki › British_countess

    Ranks. The ranks of the peerage are Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron.. The last non-royal dukedom was created in 1766, and the last marquessate was created in 1796. . Creation of the remaining ranks ceased when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was formed; subsequent creations of peers were in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, and only 8 (6 non-royal and two royal ...

  6. Prince George of Denmark - Wikipedia › wiki › George,_Prince_of_Denmark

    Prince George of Denmark and Norway, Duke of Cumberland (Danish: Jørgen; 2 April 1653 – 28 October 1708), was the husband of Queen Anne, who reigned over Great Britain from 1702 to 1714. His marriage to Anne was arranged in the early 1680s with a view to developing an Anglo-Danish alliance to contain Dutch maritime power.

  7. Ranks - › en › Peerage_of_Great

    The ranks of the Peerage of Great Britain are Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron. Until the passage of the House of Lords Act 1999, all Peers of Great Britain could sit in the House of Lords. In the following table of peers of Great Britain, holders of higher or equal titles in the other peerages are listed.

  8. King George III of Great Britain and Ireland 1738 - 1820 ... › king-george-iii-of

    Born – 4th June 1738 Died – 29th January 1820 Father – Frederick Louis Prince of Wales (1707 – 1751) Mother – Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (1719 – 1772) Spouse – m. 1761 – Chalotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744 – 1818)

  9. Has a knighthood ever been revoked? - Page 2 - PPRuNe Forums › jet-blast › 181514-has-knighthood

    Jul 15, 2005 · Jet Blast - Has a knighthood ever been revoked? - Ach! All is lost, then. The ba's burst. I shall have to fall back on Plan B, to found the pre-Nicene

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    17 February 2021 February 17, 2021 February 17, 2021

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