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  1. The movie focuses upon the King of Persia Sharaman played by Ronald Pickup, his three sons, Dastan played by Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince Tus played by Richard Coyle and Prince Garsiv played by Toby Kebbell, and their uncle Prince Nizam played by Ben Kingsley. Dastan was a petty thief as a child and adopted by King Sharaman.

  2. Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music Are Only Getting Bigger — Which Is Great News for Niche Streaming Platforms. Paul Resnikoff. September 16, 2021. ... April 16, 2019. 5.

  3. Descendants premiered on July 31, 2015 on Disney Channel, and received immediate commercial success.Prior to its premiere, it was viewed more than one million times on the Disney Now app. On its premiere night, the film received 6.6 million viewers, becoming the most-watched broadcast on the network of 2015, and the highest-rated broadcast on the network since 2013.

  4. Premise. Set in Los Angeles, California and later in Mexico, the first three seasons of Fear the Walking Dead follow a dysfunctional, blended family composed of high school counselor Madison Clark, her English teacher fiancé Travis Manawa, her daughter Alicia, her drug addict son Nick, Travis' son from a previous marriage, Chris, Chris' mother Liza Ortiz, and others who join their group at ...

  5. Sep 29, 2022 · For the first time in three years, the fall movie industrial complex is lurching back into high gear. Festival red carpets are rolled out. Oscar campaigns are primed. Long-awaited blockbusters,

  6. A group of high schoolers contend with a friend’s demonic possession in this 1980s-set horror-comedy. By Calum Marsh Walter Hill’s lean, mean shoot-’em-up is a master class in B-movie craft ...

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