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  1. Anne of Denmark (Danish: Anna; 12 December 1574 – 2 March 1619) was the wife of King James VI and I, and as such Queen of Scotland from their marriage on 20 August 1589 and Queen of England and Ireland from 24 March 1603 until her death in 1619. The second daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark, Anne married James at age 14.

  2. Oct 01, 2018 · In 1849, Sophie gave birth to Marie. Anna Sophie was born in 1851 but died at the age of 8. Her last child was Elisabeth, born in 1854. Sophie never stopped following the Dutch news and also visited the Netherlands often. She rushed to the Netherlands to be by her father’s side after his stroke.

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  4. Nov 24, 2021 · The royal curtsy is one of the most intriguing traditions. And from Meghan Markle, Princess Diana, Duchess Catherine and Sarah Ferguson, we've rounded up the best royal curtsies of all time.

  5. 1743-01-07 Anne Sophie Reventlow, Queen of Denmark and Norway (1721-30), dies at 49 1746-08-06 Christian VI, King of Denmark and Norway, dies at 46 1751-12-19 Louise of Great Britain, wife of Frederick V of Denmark (b. 1724)

  6. Crown Princess Mary Of Denmark (L) and Queen Mathilde of Belgium (R) depart after the royal wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist on June 13, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden ...

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    1. January 1 – Count Carl Gyllenborg, the Swedish ambassador to the Kingdom of Great Britain, is arrested in London, over a plot to assist the Pretender to the British throne, James Francis Edward Stuart. 2. January 4 (December 24, 1716 Old Style) – Great Britain, France and the Dutch Republic sign the Triple Alliance, in an attempt to maintain the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Britain having signed a preliminary alliance with France on November 28 (November 17, 1716). 3. February 1 – The Silent...


    1. April 26 – The Whydah Gally, flagship of "Black Sam" Bellamy, is wrecked in a storm off Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The Whydah sinks with a reputed 4+1⁄2tons of treasure on board, and all but two of her crew are lost, including Bellamy. 2. May 27 – Spain unites its South American colonies, as the Viceroyalty of New Granada. 3. June 24 – The Premier Grand Lodge of England, the Modern and first Free-Masonic Grand Lodge (which merges with the Ancient Grand Lodge of England in 1813 to form the U...


    1. July 17 – Water Music by George Frederick Handel is first performed, on a Thames barge in London, 2. August 17 – The month-long Siege of Belgrade ends, with Prince Eugene of Savoy's Austrian troops capturing the city from the Ottoman Empire. 3. August 22 – Spanish troops arrive on the island of Sardinia, now a province of Italy but at the time a part of the Holy Roman Empire beginning the conquest of the island, completed by October 30. 4. September 5 – King George I of Great Britain issue...

    January 2 – Edward Seymour, 9th Duke of Somerset, English nobleman, son of Edward Seymour, 8th Duke of Somerset and Mary Webb (d. 1792)
    January 5 – William Barrington, 2nd Viscount Barrington, English statesman (d. 1793)
    January 18 – Jean-François-Marie de Surville, French trader and navigator (d. 1770)
    January 21 – Antonio María de Bucareli y Ursúa, Spanish military officer (d. 1779)
    January 6 – Lambert Bos, Dutch scholar and critic (b. 1670)
    January 7 – Empress Xiaohuizhang, second consort of the Qing dynasty Shunzhi Emperor of China (b. 1641)
    January 13 – Maria Sibylla Merian, German-born Swiss naturalist and scientific illustrator, who studied plants and insects and made detailed paintings of them (b. 1647)
    January 30 – John Hartstonge, Irish bishop (b. 1654)
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