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  1. Prison Break: Created by Paul T. Scheuring. With Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Robert Knepper, Amaury Nolasco. Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside.

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    Prison Break is an American serial drama television series created by Paul Scheuring for Fox.The series revolves around two brothers, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller); Burrows has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and Scofield devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison and clear his name.

    • Original series:, August 29, 2005 –, May 15, 2009, Revival:, April 4 – May 30, 2017
    • Fox
  3. Prison Break. Convinced that his wayward brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) was wrongly convicted of the sensational murder of the Vice President's brother, which landed him on Fox River State Penitentiary's death row, a desperate Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) attempted a daring bank robbery in order to get himself incarcerated in Fox River with Lincoln.

    • Wentworth Miller
    • August 29, 2005
    • Pilot. August 28 2005. 45min. English [CC], العربية, Dansk, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Suomi, Français, Italiano, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Brasil) [SDH], Português (Portugal), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe.
    • Allen. August 28 2005. 46min. English [CC], العربية, Dansk, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Suomi, Français, Italiano, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Brasil) [SDH], Português (Portugal), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe.
    • Cell Test. September 4 2005. 45min. English [CC], العربية, Dansk, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Suomi, Français, Italiano, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Brasil) [SDH], Português (Portugal), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe.
    • Cute Poison. September 11 2005. 45min. English [CC], العربية, Dansk, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Suomi, Français, Italiano, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Brasil) [SDH], Português (Portugal), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe.
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  5. Shows such as Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, the old X-files are, to a significant degree, reflections of how many of us perceive the world around us during these uncertain and unsettled times: - larger portions of our lives are influenced or even controlled by high-level entities or organizations who now have the means to implement their agendas

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    The origins of Prison Break began as a concept (a man deliberately getting himself sent to prison in order to help someone else escape) that was suggested to Paul Scheuring by producer Dawn Parouse, who had wanted to produce an action oriented series. Although Scheuring thought it was a good idea, he was initially stumped as to why someone would embark on such a mission or how he could develop it into a viable television show. He later came up with the story of the wrongfully accused brother and the conspiracy subplot. He then began working on the plot outline and devising the characters. In 2003, he pitched the idea to the Fox Broadcasting Company, but was turned down as Fox felt somewhat nervous about the long-term possibilities of such a series. He subsequently showed the concept to other channels with no luck. Scheuring and his fellow producers later remarked that many had thought that the story would be more suited for a film project than a television series. The show was later...

    Season 1

    The series premiere had eight major speaking roles with star billing. Death-row inmate Lincoln Burrows is played by Dominic Purcell, while Lincoln's brother Michael Scofield is played by Wentworth Miller. Robin Tunney was cast as Veronica Donovan, the brothers' childhood friend and lawyer. Amaury Nolasco plays Michael's Fox River cellmate, Fernando Sucre. Marshall Allman plays Lincoln's son, Lincoln "L.J." Burrows, Jr.. Peter Stormare was cast as John Abruzzi, a Fox River prisoner and Chicago...

    Season 2

    The second season began, with eleven principal speaking roles with star billing. FBI agent Alexander Mahone, played by William Fichtner, was introduced and assigned to locate the fugitives. This coincided with the quick exit of Robin Tunney, whose character was killed in the season premiere. There were other shifts in the casting with Jeff Perry replacing John Billingsley as Terrence Steadman as the latter was cast as a regular on the ABC series The Nine. Camille Guaty, who played Sucre's gir...

    Season 3

    After the exit of three main characters, Season 3 sees the addition of four major characters. Lechero (played by Robert Wisdom) is a prisoner at Sona and a Panamanian drug kingpin, James Whistler (played by Chris Vance) is incarcerated in Sona for the murder of the Mayor's son, Gretchen "Susan B. Anthony" (played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) is an operative for the company who is in charge of ensuring the escape of James Whistler and Sofia Lugo (played by Danay Garcia), who is Whistler's girlfriend....

    Season 1

    The majority of the first season of Prison Break was filmed on location at Joliet Prison, Illinois. After it was closed down in 2002, Joliet Prison became the set of Prison Break in 2005, and was immortalized as Fox River State Penitentiary on screen. Scenes set in Lincoln's cell, the infirmary and the prison yard were all shot on location at the prison. Lincoln's cell is the same one that John Wayne Gacy was incarcerated in. Most of the production crew refused to enter the cell, thinking tha...

    Season 2

    Renewed for a second season, Prison Breakresumed filming on June 15, 2006 in Dallas, Texas due to the close proximity of rural and urban settings. Locations within a 30-minute radius of Dallas were chosen which included Little Elm, Decatur and Mineral Wells. Many of these locations were used to represent various American towns. Each episode takes eight days to film and approximately $1.4 million goes to the local economy per episode. The show is expected to spend in excess of $50 million in D...

    Season 3

    The third season continues to be shot in Texas and has a budget of $3 million per episode

    The first season of Prison Break premiered on Fox in the United States on August 29, 2005 at 9:00 pm ET and went on hiatus on November 28, 2005. After the show resumed on March 20, 2006, it was moved to an earlier timeslot to 8:00 pm ET, followed by 24. Season 1reached its completion on May 15, 2006. The return of Prison Break for its second season in the United States on August 21, 2006 retained its 8:00 pm ET timeslot. Canada has the same schedule as the United States via Global TV's simulcast. Prison Break has also premiered in other countries around the world including non-English speaking countries including Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Greece, Belgium and Spain.

    Inside USA

    The following seasonal rankings are based on average total viewers per episode as recorded by Nielsen Media Research. The recording period begins in late September (the start of the U.S. network television season) and ends in late May. Fox backed Prison Break with a large advertising campaign. The show debuted on August 29, 2005, to an estimated audience of 10.5 million viewers. Fox has not seen such success for summertime Monday numbers since Melrose Place and Ally McBeal aired in September...

    Outside USA

    As the only new television series to be positioned in the top 20 television shows of 2005/2006 in Canada, Prison Breakachieved an average of 876,000 in the key demographic of 18-49 and 1.4 million viewers nationally for its first season. After its second season premiere on 21 August 2006, the show has consistently retained the highest number of viewers in its timeslot in Canada with approximately 1.7 million viewers recorded for the November 20, 2006 episode. Following a huge advertising camp...


    Due to its storyline and setting, Prison Break's target audience is the 18-34 age group. The show contains adult content including violence, coarse language, sexual and drug references. Concerns have been raised by the Parents Television Council in the United States about the timeslot in which Prison Breakis broadcast (8:00 pm ET) since the show features some scenes which contain graphic content. The series is given a TV-14 rating in both the United States and Canada. A similar rating is also...


    1. 2006 People's Choice Awards|People's Choice Award 1.1. Favorite New TV Drama


    1. 2006 Golden Globe Award 1.1. Best Drama Television Series 1.2. Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Television Series - Wentworth Miller 1. 2006 Eddie Award 1.1. Best Edited One-Hour Series for Commercial Television - Mark Helfrich (Pilot) 1. 2006 Saturn Award 1.1. Best Actor on Television - Wentworth Miller 1.2. Best Network Television Series 1. 2006 Television Critics Association award 1.1. Best New Drama Series 1. 2006 Primetime Emmy award 1.1. Outstanding Main Title Theme Music - Ra...

    In addition to the television broadcast of the show, episodes of Prison Breakhas also been released in other forms of media. Furthermore, derivative work of the show has been produced in the form of short videos for mobile phones. There has also been several official tie-ins in print and on the internet. Currently, only the first season has been released on DVD. At the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced that the complete first season of Prison Break will also be released on the Blu-ray Disc format in early 2007. Towards the end of the first season, episodes of Prison Breakwere made available for purchase online at the iTunes Music Store, which began on May 9, 2006. After the premiere of the second season of Prison Break, Fox began allowing online streaming of the current episode for free via more than 50 websites including AOL, Google and Yahoo!, as well as its own extensive network. However, this was restricted to the United...

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